Can't Hardly Wait

Can't Hardly WaitI think Can't Hardly Wait started the teen movie trend AGAIN way back in 1998. The only teen movies I watched before this was the John Hughes films like Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, and The Breakfast Club. [Yes sadly, I haven't watched the ultimate teen movie Say Anything by Cameron Crowe] [And I think Clueless was way ahead of its time, haha]

Okay, so, Can't Hardly Wait. You see Preston has been in love with A-maaan-daaah for like their whole high school life. And he thinks the big party after graduation as his big chance of professing his love for. Good thing because Amanda just broke up with her jock boyfriend -- Preston thinks it must be fate. He also thinks Barry Manilow's song Mandy playing on the radio on his way to the party is a sign. So, go figure. Hehe.

So that's the main plot. There are a lot of other subplots going on in the movie, like Preston's best friend Denise ending up locked in the bathroom with ex-childhood friend Kenny, a white guy that so wishes he was black. Then there's this geek William who's setting up Mike Dexter, Amanda's ex, for ultimate humiliation. There's a whole lot of characters in this movie, who are given the best one-liners!

And the quotes, man! This is one quotable movie I tell ya! Here's Preston's monologue:

Look, I don't know about you, but I really believe that there is one person out there ... for everybody. That's what this is about ... (points to letter he is holding in his hand) It's not just some sappy love letter telling her how my heart stops everytime that I see her. It's in there though. It's not just to tell her that I think she's more than just the homecoming queen. Or Mike's girlfriend. That there is this amazing person inside her that nobody bothers to see. It's in there too ... but, what it's really about, is that if she'd just give me a chance, just one chance ... maybe we could find out if there is a reason for all of this. Why she's not with Mike tonight and after four years, I'm still here with this letter. Maybe we could find out what that reason is. Y'know? It's time to find out. I think I'm ready to do this. Finally. Any words of encouragement?

And an angel's words of wisdom [from here]:

There is fate, but it only takes you so far, because once you're there its up to you to make it happen.

I really love love love this movie. It makes me laugh and cry at the same time. It's also about karma and fate, and makes me believe that I am due for either a good smacking of the ass because of my bad attitude, or a shower of blessings because I've been such a good girl, hahahah. And it's not that mushy and not too stupid either.

Ah basta, this movie is one of my all-time favorites! :D

Oh, and wanna know one more reason why this is an all-time favorite? Find out here ;)


Not that I'm totally okay already or anything. I'm fine, I'm breathing, I'm taking it one paranoid and neurotic day at a time.

Again, a huge thanks for the cyber-hugs and cyber-pats-on-the-shoulders and real-life encouragements. They are soooooooo appreciated! Anybody wants to send me a bottle of tequila? Ahahahaha.


Okay, one more thing. Took out the meebo me widget already and put back the shoutbox. One, nobody was really IMing me using that (except for Ton, haha) and second, meebo is now blocked by our office internet. Boo. So really no use for the widget because I'll be offline lang naman palagi. Haaay.


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  1. i loved that line about FATE too :) cards may be in place but it's always up to us to deal or not...

  2. i agree mec, parang saying everything's possible, pero it's up to the person to make it a reality :)

    ton, miss mo nako noh, di mo ko ma-ym haha!

  3. Anonymous2:09 PM

    i loved ethan randall (?) but i loved seth green more!!!

  4. toni, sobrang panalo si seth green dito hahaha!!! :D

  5. hay, fate. i dunno what to say. :(

    gusto ko can't hardly wait din! masaya kasi magrelax with teeny bopper films! hehe. :)

  6. drei, kaya panoorin mo na uli to para marelax ka ;)

  7. I'm taking it one paranoid and neurotic day at a time.

    ~ alas! ang sakit ng mga aquarians. i feel you, gurl. ;p

  8. candz, remember, di ba magkasunod lang tayo ng bday ;) thanks for dropping by!

  9. uhuh, 2 days lang difference. alala ko pa dati pumupunta ako sa house niyo sa filinvest kapag birthday na natin.

    yack, i feel old. hehe.