Let The Games Begin!

It's sportsfest season once again!

One of the reasons I've been out of commission from this blog of mine is that I was asked by one of the committee members to do the teaser video/flash for the sports fest. This committee member is one of the Pepe Lopez girls, so how can I refuse? :P

Anyhoo, I told her I'll try to learn Flash for the teaser. Pero di kinaya ng powers ko!!!! Ahahahaha. So I made do with what our PC had, and it was Windows Movie Maker.

So what do you guys think?

Hey, it's my first attempt at doing anything like this, so be kind :P

By the way, all video clips came from YouTube, thanks to the magic of YouTubex :) Props also goes to Super from eRightSoft. I was able to convert the downloaded YouTube videos from FLV format, converted them to WMV and used Windows Movie Maker to mash up the parts of the video clips I needed. Hanep! Hahaha.

And so the sports fest opening was held last November 22 at Paeng's Eastwood Bowl. I was assigned asked to be the "official" photographer, hardeharhar :P I used my officemate's Canon Powershot S2 IS and I absolutely had NO IDEA how to use it hahahha! So the whole night, I was just using the automatic mode. Although she also lent me the manual, I didn't have enough time and brain juice to absorb it all in. Olats :P

I absolutely had no idea who won during the bowling and billiard games. :P There was also free food and beer (the only reason I was excited to attend haha, aside from the fact that I was the "official" photographer hehe).

Some of the new sports that were added to this year's sports fest is ultimate frisbee and yachting sailing! O diba, astig!!! I'll be watching our team tomorrow play frisbee against Abi's team.

And yes, I know you're dying to ask this, I'll be playing basketball again :P Walang pakawala, team mate ko uli si MVP eh :P Hehehehe.

Yun lang! Magiging sporty na naman 'tong blog ko :P

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