S - scowling because of delayed flight. Also mostly because D wants to go to his team GA ("general assembly" daw aka inuman) when they get home.

D - has no freaking clue as usual

We see them in a small eatery. He is drinking a glass of black gulaman while she's downing a glass of iced coffee. They mostly talk while they watch Edu Manzano hosts Game Ka Na Ba.

Edu says something corny. S turns to D with a small wry smile. S turns back to the TV.

D: S, mag-smile ka nga uli.

S looks at him suspiciously. She checks her teeth with her tongue, wondering if she has something stuck on her teeth, and hoping that she was able to get it out.

S: Bakit?

S then forces a small smile, hoping that D will not make fun of her yellowing teeth or her crooked smile or her dry lips.

D: Mas maganda ka pag naka-smile ka eh.

She tries to frown to show she thinks something's fishy is going on.

But we zoom into S eyes, twinkling with *kilig*.

And then we fade to black.


  1. Anonymous8:59 PM

    shuwwweeeeet! :P

  2. may ganyang side pala si dar.. yikeeee!!

  3. yes, ang kanyang mga once-in-a-blue-moon moments :P