Boracay! - Day 1

I will try not to make this too detailed, but I can rattle off... so I guess you've been warned :)

I guess you all know who we saw at the airport right?

Anyways, it seems that we may have seen all the other travellers board their plane because our freaking flight was &^$%#^%#^% delayed!

Our flight was supposed to leave by 10:30 am, and we've already checked-in our luggage before 9am. Then by 10am, since there were no calls yet to board the plane, we learned that our flight was delayed and our new estimated time of departure was 11:45. Waaah.

Finally it was our time to board our plane! Woohoo! Finally!

We then arrive at Kalibo around 1pm and was met by the van that will take us to Caticlan. Man, I did not know that it was an almost two-hour drive. Dar was not so happy about it too (he hasn't slept a wink -- he came straight from his shift at work right?). Then at Caticlan, we boarded a small boat that will finally take us to Boracay. As usual, I felt uneasy about boarding the small boat because of my kalampahan.

Finally, finally, finally, we arrive at Boracay... but then we need to ride a trike first to get to the famous strip of White Beach and of course, to our hotel, La Carmela De Boracay.

Tired and hungry (and a little bit excited because we saw the Bubble Gang peeps), we walked (even though I felt it was just my tummy walking out of sheer hunger) to D'Mall which is a good 5-10 minute walk from our resort. We walked around a bit first, trying to see what kind of food was being offered, and what kind of food our tummies were willing to devour. Since I was so freaking tired and hungry already, and since I was curious about it too, we finally decided to eat at Hobbit's House.

And so that I will just collapse on our bed when we get back to our hotel (after changing into my sleep clothes of course because I stink of sun and sweat), I had a happy-hour rhum coke. Yummy :D

By 6pm, we were conked out.


  1. Anonymous7:16 PM

    oh, hey! i think i know that guy beside you. i'm pretty sure i worked with him in one company before. just can't remember which. one. :)

  2. ... my husband, is from seimens. i think you're from seimens too, right? :)

    i-spy-an mo ha... mejo too friendly sha with the girls (ata) eh :P

    salamat sa pagdaan sa blog :)