Movie Night: 3-Day Weekend, 3 Movies I'm Going to Watch Again

It was a three-day weekend, and having nothing better to do, I watched three movies.

On different er, mediums [wait, ang plural ba ng medium eh media?] you might say?

And I want to watch these three movies again. Heh.

Read on to find out why.

On the Big Screen:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketOcean's 13

I think I may need to watch this movie again. Just so I could get every little detail that went into the heist. Some things just went over my head, as either I didn't understand what-the-f they were saying (especially those scenes underground, with Basher) or I was trying too hard to keep up with the scenes.

Okay, in the first movie, they ripped off Benedict and his three casinos for, well, I don't remember anymore (greed? I need to watch Ocean's 11 again). On the second movie, Benedict wanted their money back so they went to Europe to pull off their heist so they can pay him back. In this third movie though, they're back in Las Vegas to seek revenge for Reuben against The Bank (Al Pacino). Enough plot synopsis, so you pay attention to the movie when you watch it :P

Bad parts first. I'm sorry but the two new major characters in the movie just didn't work for me. First was Al Pacino, and according to Pajiba, "whose ham-fisted hoo-hahness has all but swallowed him alive". So true. And I hate Ellen Barkin's character -- first she was like a high-class PA, then she was used and seduced by the gang to pull off one of the details of their heist. At least in 11 and 12, Julia Roberts' and Catherine Zeta-Jones' characters were a little meatier than being pretty girls in an all-boys' movie.

Good parts? *Everything* looked old-school smooth cool -- I mean, I felt "cool" just by watching. Matt Damon's character is a hoot, and we get to meet another family member of his. Rusty and Danny's scenes are always pleasurable, especially while they were watching a certain TV show. I love to hate Benedict, and I love Danny hating Benedict. I love how everything fell into place -- of course, hello, this is a heist movie, the plan will go according to plan hehe. Sorry if that was spoilerish :P

Verdict? I can't remember anything about 11, I loved 12 (from the first time I watched it to the nth time I watched it last night on Cinemax), and I think I will grow to love 13 the more times I see it.

On the boob-tube:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketElizabethtown

Lazily changing channels last Sunday, I chanced upon HBO's reminder that Elizabethtown was going to premiere that day at 7pm. Weee! Orlando Bloom in a present-day setting, speaking in a non-British accent... this is going to be interesting.

What I got was just that... and I think it would've had more effect on me if I was actually paying attention. I think I was blogging at that time, or blog-hopping, so I wasn't really into the story or the flow or the plot or the soundtrack. Yes, the soundtrack, because Cameron Crowe's movies are also about the music (or so they say, hehe, not my original idea).

Why was music important in this movie? Well, Orly's character goes to his father's hometown (Elizabethtown) as his dad died, just as Orly was contemplating suicide because his shoe design made his company lose a million dollars. On the way to Elizabethtown, he meets Kirsten Dunst, who flirts with him, and they "connect" somehow. Anyways, they end up (no not having sex yet) talking on the phone for like hours. Basta, lagi na nyang naging kasama si Kirsten while he was arranging for his father's funeral needs. Then with his father's ashes, he made a road trip aided with Kirsten's scrapbook of places to see and music to play as you visit that place. So, kaya importante yung music, gets? Hehe.

So aside from understanding the basic plot, one more thing I noticed was there was no chemistry between Orly and Kiki. And I was always expecting Orly to speak with an English accent. And Kiki annoys me, I dunno why.

I really want to watch this movie again... even though I know it will be no Jerry Maguire. Just for the soundtrack, I guess, hehe.

On the PC:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketIndependence Day

I watched this movie thrice (in a movie theater) when it was shown in 1996 (11 years ago :O) -- the only movie with that privilege in my life, hehe. (Black Hawk Down and Signs are runner-ups, both of which I saw twice in a movie theater).

Anyhoo, basic plot: aliens came to destroy our planet, and the Americans stage a counter-attack and the Earth is saved. Yey!

Simple diba? Pero watching it for the 4th time, a little bit older and wiser and a little more cynical of the world around me, I still felt giddy and kilig and excited and teary-eyed, during the same scenes, and maybe, for new scenes already. I still got goose bumps when they first showed the spaceships, I got teary-eyed during Bill Pullman's speeach, I sobbed when the First Lady died, and my heart still went aflutter when Will Smith's and Jeff Goldblum's characters did their angas walk.

Really, one of my favorite movies ever. Kahit na America-centric. Astig talaga kasi eh. Definitely going to watch this again. And again and again and again. Hehe.


  1. Ocean's 13 - not bad
    Elizabethtown - never seen it

    Independence Day - one dimensional characters, cheesy speech, shallow plotline. But good effects and score, and lots of brainless fun :)

  2. yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

  3. Anonymous5:52 PM

    liked oceans 11 and 13. loved oceans 12 (i'm partial to julia roberts. konti lang kasi scenes nya sa 11). pero you're right, cool talaga ang lahat...

    me too, i LOVE independence day. dun ko na realize mahal ko si will smith. hehehe...

  4. I like Ocean's 11 best then Ocean 12. Ocean 13 ok lang. Reviewed the movie too from a medical perspective. You might want to check it out here.