Yey! Long Weekend!

  • Upload!
    • White Rock with Darice and Dar
    • Basketball Generation Match
    • company outing preparations (teasers, invitations, etc)
    • company outing in Caylabne
  • Blog!
    • Darice's birthday party
    • Pepe Lopez Girls' Anniversary - include past trippings with the girls
    • Sing with Me (song for the week)
    • BookMark (new "feature" - book of the week)
    • Movie Night (movie for the week)
    • White Rock with Darice and Dar
    • company outing - preps, activities and Caylabne
    • email interview questions!!!
  • Organize!
    • Scrapbook downloads - unzip!
    • Shoes - throw out yucky ones
    • Clothes - throw out yucky ones, too
    • Desk - just throw out everything?
    • [update!] Darice's school stuff! - books, clothes, etc
  • Buy!
    • black jacket from Bayo
    • black flats - Janylin? saw cute ones there
    • black pointy heels - also Janylin
    • black round-toe heels - maybe Mendrez?
    • camera bag - I want a Crumpler!
    • [update!] school shoes for Darice
  • Beautify!
    • haircut
    • hair treatment
    • manicure
    • pedicure
    • eyebrow threading
  • Watch!
    • Veronica Mars season 1 - 3 (No more VM huhuhu)
    • House season 2
    • The Tudors - although I still have to download recent episodes
    • Independence Day - yeah, y'know with Will Smith, one of my favorite movies during the late 90s
    • [update!] Ocean's 13 - showing na pala :)
  • Work :(
All of the above plans are just, well, plans. Nothing definite yet. But I do hope I at least get to upload one set of pictures, blog an entry, organize the scrapbook kits, buy flats, get a haircut and watch an episode of VM. Ooh and the interview questions of course ;) And I really need to finish the FS (konting-konti na lang!!!).

Why all these activities lined up for this weekend?

I'm already fully-booked all weekends of June. Next Saturday we'll be watching Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah at RCBC Plaza. Then the Saturday after that will be a college friend's wedding. Then wouldn't you know it, on the 30th, the PLG goes to Cebu! Yey!

With school starting next week, I know I will have no more time for frivolous pursuits as I will be gearing up for Darice's studies (ako ang pressured sa grades nya eh! :P). That's why I'm trying to do as much as I can this weekend.

At least two things are for sure: Darice is going to my parents' house to spend the 3-day weekend with my family so that means more personal time to do those planned above. And the 3-day weekend will start with breakfast with two dear old friends.

So yey! Here's to the long weekend! :)

I hope you guys enjoy yours :D


  1. so napanood mo ba mga 'to watch' items mo? i doubt. hehe. waaah dami kong kelangan panoorin. and blog din. hay...

  2. well... yung ID4 and Ocean's 13 napanood ko :D hehehe. good luck sa series, dami ko pa talaga kelangan habulin.