A few photos from past weeks

Heron at MMLDC

Had training at the MMLDC for a day and a half. Third time at this facility, and it was only then I was able to go around and visit the Aviary.
These birds were freely roaming around the compound. I was nowhere near this particular bird, as I was scared it might get too friendly and bite my head off. Hehehe.

Tin's GlowJoke

Baby shower for my high school friend Tin. She's due in a couple of weeks, and although her tummy's weight may make her look tired and harassed, she still has the glow that makes any expectant mother truly beautiful.
Of course, Naomi was there to break the wear-pink rule, and to provide us with her funny anecdotes.

Absolut Saga

Became an alcoholic for a week. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday spent in Sidebar.
Absolut Saga is six mixed drinks with Absolut vodka as base. I got to drink three, which included the Bloody Mary. I didn't appreciate the tabasco sauce, no siree.

Surprised (in Color)
Surprised (in BW)

A delayed surprise party for Pepe Lopez Girl Aivee. A McDonald's party for the pediatric ward at AFP Hospital.
Couldn't decide which looked better, the colored picture or the monochrome one. So I posted both.

Not-mother and Child

Tar and one of the babies of the pediatric ward. I was lucky enough to get that precious expression on Tar's face.

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