Guess where I'll be later?



Yeah baby!!!

I'll go there this lunch time, so that I won't go overboard with buying stuff :P I think the time limit will do me more good than setting a budget (because I can always change my budget -- hanggang mawalan na akong pera ng tuluyan hahahaha).

And I'll be spending more time (and money most probably) at Dorothy Perkins, where the clothes are more office friendly. Topshop's clothes are mostly casual kasi, hindi sulit isuot because I spend more time in the office.


Regular sale starts August 4. I heard a rumor, though, that they might start the regular sale later at 4pm :)

Happy shopping to me!

And have a happy weekend, y'all! :D


  1. Anonymous3:47 PM

    TOPMAN?! unfair! ugh.

    where do you get these invites? :P

  2. got the invites from my officemate's girlfriend who works for dorothy perkins :)

    di bale, regular sale starts tomorrow. mejo napagpilian na nga lang, so swerte-swertihan na lang :)

  3. Anonymous7:32 PM

    sa powerplant ba ito? and you were there! nandun sister ko at that time, pag-uwi nya she told me that there was a 'private sale'. I didnt believe her... pero totoo pala :D

  4. pinklife, nope, i was at galleria, pero all branches of topshop, topman and dorothy perkins naka-private sale mode nung friday :)

    daming tao sa galleria eh, should've walked a little further to podium na lang ;) hehehe.