Sew, Color and Doodle

Can you effing believe how cute that hoodie-tunic dress is?!?

Well, if you've got an XXL men's hooded sweatshirt lying around the house, a sewing kit, a yard of garter, and hmmm, around 40m minutes to spare (daw), you can definitely own one!

Well, actually, make one for yourself :)

Directions with video can be found here. Eeeek, I love deconstruction projects!!! I am so going to make one! I just have to look for a cheapo black XXXL sweatshirt from those surplus shops noh? Eeek, excited!

Found thru Shopdiary


I was looking around for bedrooms painted in light blue with some dark purple mixed in when I chanced upon this very genius idea of a US paint company, Behr's ColorSmart.

Behrcom Explore Color

Ahlavet! It was soooooooo addicting coming up with different color combinations, for different kinds of rooms! You can come up with color schemes for both the house interior or the exterior :)

Here are two color schemes I came up with for our master bedroom:

And color schemes for my daughter's bedroom:

I know I know, they all have the shades of violet, lilac and purple :P So sue me, I luuuuuuurve that color. Besides, may blue naman sa master's bedroom. And Darice also luuuuuuuuurves the color violet (gaya-gaya kasi sakin yon eh :P)

I'll try to come up with more color schemes... for the bathroom, kitchen, living room and dining room. I'm hoping I won't use any shade from the purple family hehehe.


Ricky of ProjectManila emailed me last week regarding this event, but I rarely check my Yahoo! mail, so I hope I'm not too late in promoting this event.

From Ricky's post WeeWillDoodle exhibits on Moleskins:

Fresh from their recent doodling stints at Powerplant Mall and Embassy, the WeeWillDoodle group is again taking their doodling to a whole new level. This time it’s at Fully Booked, where their drawings will be exhibited on Moleskine Pocket Japanese books, those oh-so-lovely accordion-type notebooks.

The exhibit opens on September 21, Friday, 7pm at the atrium of Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City.

The WeeWillDoodle group will be drawing on T-shirts too (doodleyershirt), so if you want a piece of their work, don’t forget to bring your own shirt!

Fifty goodie bags will also be given out to some lucky folks.

This exhibit was put together by Fully Booked, PinoyCentric, and Project Manila.

The sad thing is, I don't think I'll be able to make this event :( So I hope you dear readers can do so :) If you want a doodleyershirt, leave a comment on Rick's post with your name, email and URL. Although the doodleyershirt is limited to the first 20 registrants only, there's still a chance you can have your shirt doodled if people who registered don't show up. Waitlisted ba, kung ganon. Hehe.


Happy sewing, coloring and doodling y'all! Toodles!


  1. Anonymous12:56 AM

    Thank you for helping me promote the event ha. I hope you can make it there on Friday :)

  2. rick, i do hope i wasn't too late :) dami ng nagcocomment sa blog post mo!

  3. off topic comment...

    since you blog about what's happening between you and your hubs right now... i can't help lang but to wish that you'll be spared what's happening to the 'friend' i blogged about some weeks ago...

    after almost 32 years of marriage... she's only now finding out how she has let her husband lie to her, and is currently dealing with such pain that her sacrifices for trying to preserve her family before has seemingly come to nothing now...

    i really hope your hubs IS telling the truth... or if he isn't, that he'd realize you deserve more than your being given and repent... marriages can survive infidelities... but only up to a certain point...

    and i really don't want to see another woman finding herself broken and stripped of dignity, just because she loved, just because she wanted to preserve her family, just because she was willing to give so much of herself to a man, to her vows, to her family...

  4. nabasa ko ang comment mo. hehe yup mahilig ako sa purple. masayang kulay kasi :)

  5. Oooh! Fartsy, err, artsy! ;-p

    I wish I had your gift. If only I could blow someone's brains out and steal his/her talent a la Sylar lol!

    Peace out ktnxbai. ;-p

  6. Anonymous7:59 AM

    huwaw. anggaleng.

    napadaan lang.. =)

  7. Love it! That is so adorable. ^_~

  8. mec, and pao (thru email), this post was written because of your concerned comments. i cannot thank both of you enough, and all the other readers who have given me cyberhugs :)

    haze, pareho pala tayong mahilig sa purple eh :D

    talamasca, yeah fartsy noh? haha.

    thecitylifestylist, thanks for the visit, i am honored! :D

  9. dam-dam, salamat rin sa pagdaan :D