Blogging with my iPod Touch

Since commuting home tonight is a bitch, I decided to while away the time in a coffee shop and play around with my iPod touch.

And wow I am totally convinced it was money well spent :D

Although I still need to get used to the "keyboard".

I haven't fully utilized yet the 16GB capacity as I need to convert the videos I want to watch -- it takes an hour and a half to convert an hour long episode. Also I want to organize my mp3s and put in the album artwork.

I also want to try to jailbreak my ipod touch. I hope I don't mess it up though so I need more research on that.

Okay that's it for now. Really having a hard time typing already.



  1. Anonymous12:55 AM

    nice :)

  2. pssst. i have a 200gig ext hard drive. puno ng movies and tv series, baka gusto mo trade tayo hehe. para naman may something new si new ipod mo :)

  3. michael :D

    drei, ipod compatible ba yung mga movies and tv series mo? sige trade tayo :D

  4. saya ng ipod touch noh? hehe.. hirap nga din lang magtype.. haha

    as for album artwork, andami ko pa kelangan hanapin sa amazon.. ka-OC-han.. haha :P

    hassle din ung conversion from *.avi to *.mp4.. lumalaki ung file size :S (or am i just doing it wrong?) pero masaya naman manood.. malaki screen.. great time buster pag petiks or long trips.. :)

    salamat sa pagtip mo sa akin nung naging available na ang ipod touch dito sa pinas.. hehe :D

  5. lino! :) super duper ahlavet!

    i use SUPER Converter... you can use the Apple iPod output setting - an hour-long episode takes around 45 minutes, and the size is around 2/3 of the original.

  6. Anonymous8:32 AM

    1 hour and a half? hmm... can i suggest u download the Videora Ipod converter.. This is what i used... it will take u much lesser time...

  7. hi doc chef :)

    i tried using the Apple iPod output setting in Super converter, and made some changes i think with the some of the settings so now conversion is down to 45 minutes for a one-hour episode.

    videora was also recommended by my officemate... i'll try it when i convert my next batch of video files to watch hehehe. thanks!