Bohol 2008: The Trip That Almost-Never-Was

So our Bohol trip was scheduled for the Halloween - All Souls Day - All Saints Day holiday long weekend last year. But D's grandmother passed away around two weeks before our trip, and as a sign of grief/respect we just rebooked the trip to February 2008.

But then, things went a little crazy between D and I last month, and I was thinking maybe I should just cancel the whole trip. But then that's almost 10k+ down the drain!!! Then I have to pay a cancellation fee worth 1500 per ticket per person.

Am I fucking out of my mind?!?

Okay fine, so we I decided to go on with the trip. Since Bohol holds a special place in my heart, as we spent our "honeymoon" there, I knew that going back there in our current situation would be a bit very difficult for me. But hey, we're talking about 10k++ pesoses going down the drain here.

Anyhoo I survived -- didn't pick fights although a bit of cattiness but reduced to a normal level. Oh well, it was a family affair -- Darice was our priority for this trip.

And so, kadramahan aside, let's go on with the pictures and a little bit of kuwento.


The ResortThe Executive Suite
Our roomThe Executive Building

We stayed at Dumaluan Beach Resort, in an Executive Room for 3500/room per night for two persons. The rate also includes free breakfast for two. We had to pay extra for Darice because she was already above 5 years old -- adult rate ang lowla nyo kainez. Hehehe.

I wasn't really planning on getting the Executive Room but the less expensive ones were already booked, so I had to settle for that. Good thing D didn't think the room was too expensive. Eh ang laki naman kasi talaga eh, okay na yung 3500 per night. We had our own balcony too, so perfect for us smokers.

The Tour

Darice and the Blood Compact
At the blood compact shrine -- she didn't want to sit on the table, tsk.

Tower + 3
Darice got so scared when we entered Baclayon Church! When D and I went there before, he said he felt a cold chill when we went inside the church. Hmmm... maybe Darice could see some "things" we couldn't see. When our tour guide took the picture, he jokingly said "Apat ata kayo sa picture eh". Hanube, ishcary naman.

Darice holds a Tarsier!!!
And then Darice got her groove back! She actually agreed to hold the tarsier!

On our boat
Darice got bored with the cruise, hehe.

"I touched a Chocolate Hill!"
Yey finally! Chocolate Hills!

Kakulitan uli sa Manmade Forest
Of course what are there to see in a forest but trees? Hehehe.

Hanging Bridge
Amazingly also, Darice wasn't scared to cross the bridge. Ako pa talaga ang malakas ang kabog ng dibdib! Shet.

And yep, I ate the flowers
For dinner, we went to Bohol Bee Farm (as recommended by the goddesses). My seafood lasagna came with their organic salad -- even the flowers were edible! :D Of course, D and Darice were too chicken to try it. Hehehe.

The Beach

Dumaluan Early Morning SunWalking into the Light
Blue sky and clear watersStarfishes!

I woke up early every morning to catch the sunrise, soak up the healthy rays of the sun and take pictures :D Two hours to myself every morning to relax was the second best thing about this trip (of course, the best thing was having Darice with us).

Star Fun!

hankulit ng mag-ama koDarice and her sand icecream :PBig pool with Darice pa rinA-ten-shun
Wala lang. Ang kulit kasi ng mga posing ng anak ko eh.


That's it pancit.

*whispers* And I know my friends might hate me for saying this, but this trip has softened the edge a bit between D and I. But don't worry, my head is on straight pa rin. I need more time to think. [Yep those two hours I had to myself every morning was not enough :P]

Bottom line, I got to relax and spend quality time with Darice. So yey! =D


  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Ang gandaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Ang sarap naman magbakasyon!

  2. yup yup :D sarap ng nakapagbeach na feb pa lang :)

  3. Anonymous12:02 PM

    hi missyosigirl!

    tulong naman...di ko alam pano kokontakin ang Dumanluan Beach Resort. sa online form ka lang ba nagpa-reserve? maraming salamat!

  4. hi chamie, i didn't use the online reservation form. i called them up.

    here's the number: 09178834888 :)