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After ten thousand years, the promo(tion) letters were given. Well, everybody is given a letter, not only those who will be promoted. Coz, more or less, your salary will be "promoted". Heh, corny :P

Okay, so I got what I expected, not what I was hoping for. But it's all good :)


Oh and yeah, we're going to HK this Friday.

Haha. Wait, that was so casual.


Heh. So as to convey how excited I am.

So excited that I've scouted for prices already of electronic stuff that I'm planning to buy at Fortress. Yep it's in Chinese, but hey Google can translate :)

Minimum loot: Canon EOS 450D, an Olympus waterproof P&S camera, and a DS Lite.

And then when we get back we're going to eat rice and salt lang for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yikes.

(Ay ako nga salt lang, di kasi ako nagrarice haha)


HK trip is sponsored by dear MIL.

So please don't think, just because I got my expected salary increase, eh afford ko na dalhin ang pamilya ko sa HK.



But, the S3IS is with Dad. Dad is down under. Dad will be back home Saturday.

So I don't have a camera with me when we go to HK :( [Kasi we'll leave for HK ng Friday diba?]

Well, there's the lomo. Heh :)


When I found out about the Havaianas' Flipping for the Beach contest, I was so excited to write an entry.

But guess who's one of the judges?

Anton of Our Awesome Planet.

Initial reaction when I found out he was one of the judges?

Ngek. Pressure.


Anton has 7 tips for people joining the contest.

First tip: "I would put higher rating on beach destination entries that I have not been to."

Ngek uli.

I was going to write about Malapascua pa naman. Eh we went to Malapascua because of Anton's write-ups in his blog.

Ngek talaga. -_-



Speaking of the beyotch, we're going to Baler again! :)

We only spent one night in Baler the first time we went there.

Bitin sobra. Because travel time takes up almost a day na eh.

For our next trip, we're staying for three nights! Weeeh!

Can't wait can't wait can't wait!


Oh, and I hope this is not too late.

Asian Spirit is offering 12000 seats for free for their 12th anniversary!

Free meaning, you only have to pay for tax. Promo ends on April 15. Free flights are from June to October 15.

So guess what? We were able to book free flights to Caticlan! We're going to Bora on August! Woohoo!


Okay on to the D front.

After having this conversation, I talked to him again the next night.

Basically, the outcome of that conversation is:

He doesn't know what he want.

He's going to think about it.

Okay, allow me to be very pleased. Really, very very very small steps, but still steps in the right direction. At least now, he's somewhat aware of the situation, and he's going to think about it right?

Okay, hello, he had three months "away" from me to think about it na diba? Pero sige na, pagbigyan na, he did say he's not a "thinking" person. *roll eyes* Obviously.

I did tell him that I need an answer ASAP. He's been "confused" since we got married, and I don't think I'm being impatient if I want an answer na agad.

We both deserve to be happy. Especially so, if we choose willingly. Not out of obligation, responsibility or pressure. Diba?


So, I mentioned to D about U23D that it was going to be shown at IMAX in MOA.

I then planned to go with Joy and some other officemates.

Then a few days after, I saw the IMAX schedules in one of his browser tabs. [Meaning, I did no snooping around, 'k!? :P]

So while half of me was assuming he was planning to go with somebody else, half of me was of course assuming that he was planning to watch with me.

So I waited.

Then my officemates were planning to buy tickets already! Oh shit, D hasn't said anything yet about U2 3D.

So I texted D:

U2 3D, do I watch with you, or with others? Ok lang kahit ano sagot mo dyan. Assuming lang ako sa first choice.

Syempre meron talagang disclaimer na assuming lang ako noh? Hahahah.

Then he replied:

Sa saturday na lang. Watch tayo.


We finally decided, thru emails, that we'd watch on Sunday at 430PM.

And I just have to say that with all my replies, I'd tell him it was really no pressure to watch with me. That I just thought to ask because I saw the sched in his browser. That I wanted to make sure because Joy was going to buy tickets na, tapos biglang hahatakin pala niya ako sa weekend.

Confused daw kasi ang lolo diba? Baka lang ma-confuse siya kasi feeling niya I'm pressuring him to want to watch with me. Eh hindi naman talaga.

Of course I had to tell Joy why I wasn't watching with them na.

Joy: Awww. Baka ikaw talaga yung gusto niya makasama?

Me: Shhh. Wag ka ganyan. Baka kiligin ako. Dapat sabihin mo napressure lang siya.

Joy: [Andami ng sinabing ka-paranoid-an. Na baka kaya Sunday kami kasi meron na syang ibang kasama na manonood sa Saturday, and manonood lang sya uli with me kasi napressure sya.] Ano enough na ba yon? :P

Me: Oo, nadepress nako! :P


On to the other D front, Darice.

She's learning to lie already :(

And when I asked her why she lied, her answer was:

Papa will get mad if he finds out.


Giving the same answer as her Papa when asked why he felt the need to lie/hide things from me.

Magagalit ka kasi eh.

Ngek talaga. The only diff is that Darice said it in English, while D said it in Filipino.

If you know there's a chance that somebody will get mad, why do it in the first place, aber?


Di ko alam kung si Darice ang lumelebel sa logic ni Dar, or si Dar ang lumelebel sa logic ni Darice, na isang bata.



The "hole" sure looks inviting nowadays. Haaay.

I have to effing get out of this rut.

I must I must I must.

Focus. Focus. Focus.


That's it pancit.

Shuffle mode - off.



  1. Anonymous5:16 PM

    I just came from HK! Shopping, shopping, shopping! W00t! Enjoy, relax!