"So what did you eat in Boracay?"

Our must-haves for the trip: Aria and D'Talipapa.

At Aria, I asked for an oil-based pasta, and they gave us Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino.

Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino

Just oil, garlic and chilli peppers, pero okay na okay nako na yun lang ang kainin ko. Hehehe. Abi then requested I make something similar to the pasta when we get home. Hmmm... something to add to my pasta-in-oil repertoire heh.

We had two other pasta and a pizza, and even though the prices were a tad bit over our budget, it was all worth it.

And then we had seafood galore at D'Talipapa. Well, we didn't really get all kinds of seafood -- we only got the biggest prawns ever and a bunch of squids and oysters.

PRAWNS!!!Oysters FTW!!!
Sarap! Diba Lory? :)

Oh and of course how can I forget the drinks? :)

And what is a trip to Boracay without tasting some of those Jonah's milk shakes? :)

At Jonah's - mango banana with rhum shakeAt Jonah's - mocha with rhum shake and just plain mango banana shake
At Jonah's - choco banana with rhum shake

We all had rhum mixed with our milk shakes! Shet! Sarap! Since ang lamig ng hangin that morning, the rhum gave us our much needed fuzzy warm feelings. Ehehehhe. [Yes, morning, so what? :P]

And then, During one of our nights out, we went to Cocomangas to have a look at those infamous 15 shots.

15 Shots!

No, we didn't have 15 shots each. Hehehe. Mahina ang kalaban, meaning ako :P Abi, MJ and I had 5 shots each only. Besides Abi's name was already on the wall, so okay lang. And just to prove how weak I was after downing those 5 shots, I asked if we can go home na less than 30 minutes after our last shot. Heh. Antok nako eh!!!!

And so, Boracay fed us well. As for the sights, that's for the next post :) Toodles!

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