25 Things

1. I average one quarter-pounder meal with go-big-time a week. Gawd. But there are times I don't eat breakfast and that's when I go for my quarter-pounder meal at lunch.

2. I drink a cup of coffee in the wee hours of the morning, while having breakfast with Darice, then another cup first thing when I get to work, then another cup during 3pm break. There are days when I grab a coffee during lunch time too, then another one after a drinking session at night. Yes, nakakatulog pa rin naman ako sa gabi :P

3. I consume around 3/4 of a pack of yosi everyday. Yikes. The 1/4 is consumed by my yosi buddy. Hee.

4. I'm not much of a beer drinker. It makes me terribly burpy and sleepy! Two bottles and I'm yawning.

5. So I go for the cocktails and hard drinks. No hangover!

6. When I'm with my high school girl friends, I'm the least kikay. When I'm with my office girl friends, I'm the one who's pinaka-kikay! Hahahaha. Although with my college girl friends, same level ang ka-kikay-an namin. Heh.

7. I weigh 160 pounds! Egad! I know, I'm obese already (as in officially na). I weigh the same as when I had Darice during my third trimester already. Grabeh.

8. Although, I'm not really conscious or insecure about my body. Eh sa mataba ako, bakit ba?!?

9. Eh kasi, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE MY DECOLLATAGE! Ahahahaha. You cannot mess with the power of cleavage. Hahahaha.

10. Although, I will do anything to lose weight -- except exercise. Sry, I'm so tamad talaga. And I don't want to make the effort to lug around a bag of athletic stuff pa sa office. Although, tell me to take a pill or whatever because it made someone lose weight and I'll do it. Although of course, money is a big factor -- I haven't tried Reductil yet because it costs an arm and a leg [well, for a single mother's income ha] for a month's supply.

11. I was a nerd in high school -- kaya siguro when I'm with my high school friends, I feel I'm the least kikay. Bumabalik ang pagka-nerdox (Math A :P) ko. Wahahaha.

12. But it took me 6 1/2 years to finish my 5-year course. Hey, at least I graduated diba?

13. Also, I'm proud to say I never repeated any Math subject when I was in college. One take lang lahat ng Math ko :D

14. It's weird that I work mainly as a programmer currently, but when I took my first ever programming subject in college, I failed :(

15. And I failed several engineering subjects several times too, and the most memorable is CoE 115, which I took three times -- first, I dropped out, then I failed, then thank God for my partner, the third time I finally passed!

16. I am obsessed with LoVe -- the love team (love team?!? parang Pinoy love team?!?) that made me believe in epic love. I cannot get enough of the show Veronica Mars, and I can watch that show over and over again! Aaaah, I cannot effing wait for the movie!

17. I'm not sanay not being in a relationship, since I've been in a relationship since 1996. For almost two years, I had a relationship with a girl, and then D and I became a couple. Yes, they overlapped -- but only for one day, hee. Basically I don't know how to be single AND available.

18. I love to shop -- for clothes, for shoes, for gadgets. But I make sure I only spend my OWN money [as in yung sobra-sobra yung ginastos mo na pera mo, para sa ibang tao pa, pero di na makakabayad ng share mo ng bills kaya ibang tao na yung sasalo sa bills mo -- kapal diba? Bitter ocampo I know, pero ang kapal kasi eh!], and not to use my credit cards, erm, too much. And I will only buy something if it was worth it, and if I feel na meant to be yung purchase (they have my size, isa na lang stock, purple o kaya black, naka-sale, puedeng 0% for 12 months, hehehehe)

19. I'm a frustrated writer. I was part of our high school newspaper during my third and fourth year in high school, but I only got one story published, as I mostly did edits. I wrote a few short (love) stories, handwritten and using WordStar (san ka pa?!?), during that time. I wanted to take up creative writing or journalism in college, but I was scared I might get writer's block. I joined (and was accepted!) Collegian during my second year in college, but I unjoined because my Mom couldn't handle the one and only late night I spent in Vinzon's for an article. I guess that's why I blog, to have an outlet for my written musings.

20. I'm creative. Srsly. [Diba, friends? :P] Minsan nauubusan lang talaga ng creative juices. Or ng time. Or ng effort. I have so many projects planned in my head right now -- reconstructing clothes, decorating the house, overhauling the blog's design, but I just can't find the inspiration to start at least one of them.

21. I read sex blogs. I even subscribe to feeds of my favorite blogs -- well-written ones that are not purely about animalistic fucking, or cheesy lovemaking, as in every touch or sound or move is described perfectly. Helpful ang sex blogs lalo na when written by a man -- you get attuned to what a man wants during sex, and can spice up your sex life. Ha.

22. But for instant gratification, I watch porn. Nyahahaha. Online or through downloads. [Y'know the open party scandal, where a group called Stoya was involved in? Hee, I knew Stoya as a porn star as I have watched videos of her online already, and was not surprised a group of boys throwing a party called Lust will call themselves Stoya :P] Again helpful because you get an idea as to what a guy wants during sex. [Is it just the big boobs or loud women? No. Srsly.]

23. I am tigang. Enough said :P

24. I'm not giving up on love, even though love has me jaded and cynical right now. Mas tumaas lang ang expectations ko siguro. I guess I am now a realistic romantic.

25. Honestly, I miss D. I don't know if I miss him as in him talaga or just the illusion of the man I wanted him to be. Because now that I know the truth about his kabits [take note, hindi alleged, and plural ha, they were all true kabits!] (25.a. Oh how I hate kabits! Sorry, I'll judge you talaga if pumayag ka maging kabit), totally nawasak na yung illusion eh. Parang I see him na lang as this lost human being, na I don't know if I'll pity him, or tirisin siya sa galit, or just shake him by the shoulders and say "Ba't ka nagkaganyan?!?" So yeah, I guess I miss D, the D I knew ten years ago, and the D who I thought I loved.


  1. 17. ditto
    21. pa-share ng link :)
    23. awwww
    24. yep...don't give up. kanta ka na lang "you give love a bad name" hahaha :P
    25. i hear ya!

  2. re link, i'll try to make a blog post na lang, hehehe. share the knowledge ba.

  3. Anonymous4:51 PM

    #17. Nasan na ang post? :D
    #24.. Tama nga ung song.. And good for you to be realist. I guess we all come to that at a certain point in time, triggered by whatever situation - good or bad.. and we just try to learn the best we can from it. it makes us stronger :)
    #25. You're entitled to these confusion.
    #25a.. I concur!

  4. #8: lav that!

    #21: share links! =)

  5. i dunno where to comment cuz i deleted my plurk account na...anyhoo...

    Bryanboy is Chikatime! No other than the baklang third world who is so gay he sweats glitters.

    LMAO!!!! :))

  6. ikr?!?

    sa fezbuk, nagstatus update din ako :)

    grabe, wow talaga. as in wow.