Of Dreams, and Fantasies

and falling back to earth.


There was a time I dreamt that D got murdered right in front of me.  This was the time we were 'separated', or well, as separated as you can get sleeping in two different rooms.  I woke up sobbing, with my heart in so much pain.  It felt so real; I thought I will never see my husband again.  

The next night, I slept in his room, beside him.

A few months after, we separated for good.  I never did see my husband again. 


So here's this boy, who I really like.  I was, let's just say, interested in him already even before D and I broke up. But that was as far as it went.  Well, as far as I would admit to myself then.

And then, I dreamt about him. 

I guess I was far more interested than I thought I was.


They say "May you get what you wish for" is an ancient Chinese curse.  

Does that curse cover dreams too?

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