Dear Old Love

How To Make An American Quilt by Whitney Otto:

As the twentieth century draws to a close, heads shake at the high divorce rate, the brutalization of the love affair, left in neglect or disarray. Leave that old lover. Move on. Take the A train. But in the dark of your room, you may be moved to admit to yourself that you only thought you fell out of love or grew tired of it (grew tired of a small miracle of the heart?), when in reality you may not have felt love at all, but something entirely different. Once you love, you cannot take it back, cannot undo it; what you felt may have changed, shifted slightly, yet still remains love. You still feel -- though very small -- the not-altogether-unpleasant shock of soul recognition for that person. To your dismay. To your embarrassment. This, you keep to yourself.

Why are old lovers able to become friends? Two reasons: They never truly loved each other or they love each other still.

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