Closing Remarks

Good evening everybody! I hope you're all still enjoying the party!

First of all, I want to say thank you... to Old Navy for my shirt, Dorothy Perkins for my shorts, Janilyn for my shoes, and Robinson's Galleria Department Store for my fishnet stockings. They were not really fishnet stockings in the first place, but when I put them on, well...

Okay, seriously.

I would like to thank She-Ann for giving me the opportunity to head the committee. Thank you also for helping us secure ALs for our performers and party helpers :)

Thank you Ava for organizing the newbies' talent competition. I hope the newbies didn't give you a hard time.

Thank you Janna for organizing the Divas and Divo. You were a big help to Abi, and a big help to the committee. And thank you to your boyfriend for the mix!

Thank you Pam and Jo for assisting us with our HR needs. I hope you don't get tired of helping out party committees because they will certainly be at a loss if you won't be a part of the team.

Thank you Aivee and MJ for agreeing to our last-minute request to be the scriptwriters. Your spiels for the presenters were perfect for them :)

Thank you Joy and Aivee for all the help. From the invitations, to the 5-year awardees pictures, to getting me a video of the DMS newbies, from the food stubs, cue cards and technical script. You both were our saviors :)

Thank you MJ for helping out Pam and Jo organize the Thanksgiving mass. We really needed you to help pull things off during that time.

Thank you Justine for organizing Sprint for Life. You pulled it off despite the tight schedule!

Thank you CSR group for organizing the farm build. It was a new bonding and learning experience for the employees.

Thank you IT for sending our teasers and announcements. I hope hindi kayo nakulitan sakin.

Thank you Ramon for being our voice over. Remember when we asked you to be our host? I guess you were meant to be a big part of the party ;)

Thank you Hubert and your ushers for ensuring the smooth flow of our program. I hope the presenters, singers and dancers didn't give you a hard time!

Thank you Sessionistas and Divas/Divo for wowing us with your vocal prowess (nuuuks)! I know things got off to a late start, but that didn't stop you guys from going all out during the party.

Thank you Then Band for ending the party with a bang. You will always be my favorite band ;)

Thank you to all our presenters -- you really gave life to our script. The program wouldn't have been successful without you.

Thank you to our judges -- for your words of dancing wisdom to the newbies. It was a tough job choosing the winners, eh?

And lastly.

Thank you Lory; first, for heading the Logistics one-man team, and second, for not losing your patience with me. You made all of my logistics dreams come true. Thank you thank you thank you.

Thank you Abi; first, for giving us the wonderful program earlier, and second, for going through the challenge of juggling three projects with this extra-curricular activity. I'm so proud of you :)

Thank you Tim for giving the anniversary celebration its own XV style and look. People are still raving about the portal and stage design! :) I will forever make yabang how you made our anniversary celebration and party look so daaaamn good.

Thank you Juli for being my partner in all of this. Thank you for being patient and understanding, teaching me the ropes and showing me the nitty-gritty details on how to pull this off. I will miss sending emails and texts to you everyday :)

Thank you to our managers Bon and Chat. The celebration and the party wouldn't have been as good without your guiding hand. Your words of wisdom are very much appreciated. I'm so proud to have you as our Directors.

And last but not the least, thank you to all the employees, who, in one way or another, participated during our 15th anniversary celebration. Thank you for joining our contests, for running during Sprint for Life, and farming during the Bayan-Anihan. Thank you for celebrating Colores de Viernes and sending pictures of your celebration. Thank you to all those who joined the 'My Life Would Suck Without You' video. Thank you 5-year service awardees for sending pictures for the 'My Humps' video. This anniversary celebration was for all of you. I hope you had as much fun as I did :)

And now to close the evening, let's all welcome, the Then Band!


This was what I wanted to say last night. But being in the spotlight, in front of hundreds of people, was too much on my nerves, and so I gave the crappiest 'speech' ever last night. Gah.

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