Oh hello there, 2015!

It's hard to look forward to a year which started with bawling your eyes out (another story for another time), but existential angst aside, here I am greeting the year (finally) with all the positivity and good vibes I can muster.

You see, I don't want to lose my marbles.

Okay, so during the New Year's eve mass, the priest told of a story of man who bought marbles in a quantity equal to the number of Saturdays left in his (perceived) lifetime, and put them in a jar. The man is old in the story, so he had only less than a thousand marbles in the jar, and would remove one for each weekend that passes by. (Do I have to retell the whole thing, or do you already get the moral of the story?)

I, therefore, computed for my own number of marbles, which amounted to almost 2,000 marbles, should I live to a few months after I turn 70.

2,000 marbles!

What will I do with my marbles?

And what will you do with yours? :)

(To be continued)

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