Viva Amor!

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Now that I've caught up with sleep, and I've uploaded my 2016 budget in GEP, I would like to say a few words of amor to all those who helped out and contributed to last Thursday's event :D

Just to give y'all a background, when I first headed an anniversary party committee back in 2010, I told myself (and everyone else) that I will only go back to heading a party committee after 5 years. Little did I know then that the year after that, I would change my career path, and I would eventually be responsible for anniversary activities for the next 5 years. Heh.

To our frontliners:

Thank you Patty and JC for being our hosts. Ang ganda ng combination niyo -- truly Ms. Universe hosting level ang peg! I hope to see you two host our future parties.

Thank you Boleng for being our audience host. You provided the show with the right amount of unscripted humor and laughs.

Thank you Tiff, Kevin, Carissa, Francis, Albert and Syd for agreeing to be our silent movie actors. You really made us all kilig with your short movies.

Thank you to the Newbloods for continuing the tradition of the newbie presentation. I hope you had fun, made new friends, and learned some cool new dance moves. Please do encourage the next generation of newbies to continue the tradition.

Thank you to our Newblood Dance competition judges. Your comments were spot-on, and I believe you chose the deserving winner.

Thank you to the Bright Young Things for submitting your photos, and a special shout-out to Danix for helping out with the compilation. I hope you liked our simple video tribute to your batch.

Thank you to the Swing Kids for confirming their attendance and following the committee's instructions regarding the stage lineup. It was a long time coming (10 years?!?) but it's now your turn to go up the stage and be recognized.

Thank you to the Bohemians for taking time out of their busy schedule for the video shoots. I believe everyone loved your testimonials, and have inspired all of us to reach the same milestone as you all did.

Thank you to Edge and Press Play for your performances. Your song choices were on point and contributed to the kilig factor of Amor. Kahit andaming nagbago from the original plan, you still went out there and performed your hearts out.

Thank you to the Dreamgirls for your love-ly song number. You really are pros and masters at impromptu singing! I hope to see you three perform again soon.

Thank you to the Kaka Band for closing out the show. I think you were the perfect choice to close out the show as all of you has been with the company during its early years (except for your pianist -- sidenote: I hope he wasn't too "bullied" during your practice sessions :P). You truly represent Amor for the company.

To those who worked behind the scenes:

Thank you IT, Admin, Finance and Procurement for your usual support. I hope hindi kayo nakulitan sakin, kahit na lahat ng requests eh rush and urgent :D

Thank you Rizj for coordinating the Dreamgirls and Kaka Band. I apologize for the confusing initial plans and song choices! Dream ko pa rin na mangyari ang lights-out-spotlight-birit ng "Let's Marvin Gaye and get it on"-BAAAAAM na opening number.

Thank you Steven for the Postmodern Jukebox videos. They really added the 1920s vibe to the party. Thank you as well for downloading the karaoke versions of the Dreamgirls songs. If not for those, we won't have the Dreamgirls!

Thank you Boleng for coordinating with our talented hosts and performers, and Justinne and Ami for coordinating with the newbies. I hope you didn't give them too much of a hard time :P

Thank you Jovy and Denise for all our HR needs regarding the awardees! We couldn't have acknowledged the awardees if not for your help :) Thank you as well for manning the registration area!

Thank you Trish for helping out with the videos of the Bohemians -- from making them kulit, to shooting the video, and eventually editing them. Now we know we have another videographer who can help out with parties ;)

Thank you Ramon for editing the silent movies, as well as the 5-year awardee video tribute. Nothing comes between you and Premiere Pro talaga noh? Not even gout :P

Thank you JBL and Janelle for being Kim's right-hand persons during the pre-party preps -- from making the program flow, to the script, to the silent movie shoots. Your creative ideas really shaped the program.

Thank you Bryle, Uni, Kenneth and Janine for spending the party in the tech booth. You really helped in making the transition smooth for our sounds, lights and videos.

Thank you to our stage managers JBL and Trish and their runners Marla, Claire, Hannah and Paulo for ensuring the smooth flow of the program. I hope the program participants (awardees, performers, etc) weren't too hard to find, and Kim didn't bully you too much :P A special shout-out to JBL for keeping your cool whenever I came to you with sudden changes and requests.

Thank you to Bry, Dennis, RJ, DM and Gio for the logistics support and helping out Alvin in prepping the venue for the party. I hope Alvin didn't make you work too hard :P

Thank you to our caterer Spice not only for the delicious food, but also for the beautiful table designs and buffet decors! I think the investment in those feathers are worth it as they really pulled the look together :)

And lastly:

Thank you Sherwin, the best brother-in-law ever, for being my one-man food committee. It has been a long time noh since you participated in preparing for a party? Thank you for looking for caterers, for organizing the food tastings, for coordinating with (aka making kulit) our chosen caterer, as well as helping out on the day of the party itself. Next year, I will try to ask for more committee support from you ha :P

Thank you Ramon for being my creatives partner. Pasensya na kung minsan hard-to-please ako :P You pulled off the look and feel of Art Deco with our email blasts, as well as in the party. Remember, minimum effort with maximum impact ;) Thank you as well for making sure the entrance to the venue looked perfect :D

Thank you Alvin for heading the logistics committee. Pasensya na rin sa mga last-minute ideas and decisions, but you took charge and went for it pa rin. Thank you for supervising the massive task of ingress, with putting up the stage, lights and sounds, as well as making sure the "smaller" things are also taken cared of, like the VIP drinks, photo wall backdrops, the red carpet, stanchions, etc. You picked a reliable team, and you handled logistics like a master ;)

Thank you Kim for heading the program committee. Pasensya rin if I initially shattered your heart (and JBL's and Janelle's) to pieces when I wanted to go into a different direction for the story of the program. Thank you for trusting in my instincts, and thank you for putting your own spin into it. You picked a reliable team, you handled them efficiently and effectively, and it showed through the program. I loved it that you worked independently, but also knew when to ask for my advice, help and support, and I truly appreciate that.

Thank you She-ann for your encouragement and support. I really needed a "boss" this month to guide me, and I am super thankful my team is now under your supervision! :D

Thank you to my previous boss Bon for that super-unexpected-aww-inducing-I-might-just-cry message of support on the day of the party. We missed you a lot that night.

Thank you to the Kendeng Club for being my support group this month. Salamat sa inyong pag-de-stress sakin during breaks and bago umuwi. Nakakabawas sa heart palpitations, infer :D

Thank you as well to my bb daughter Darice for being a patient and understanding daughter. Anak, sorry for the late nights and working weekends. Babawi ako, promise! :-*

Most of all, thank you to all employees for supporting not only the anniversary party, but also the anniversary activities! The anniversary wouldn't have been a success if not for your participation. I hope you watched the Hasta and Fuerza games, bought books from Sociedad Humana, and participated in Momento's photo contest (deadline has been extended ha!). Thank you for participating in the Veinte trivia game, as well as wearing your chosen colors during Dia Del Color. I hope you've all had your team lunchouts already to celebrate the anniversary.

Lastly, I hope all of you felt the company spirit through our month-long celebration. This was all for you, to feel the 20 years of amor that sustained our company, and to bring us forward to 20 years more (and beyond!) of success.

Thank you, and happy anniversary to all :D


BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! We still have one more surprise for you all, and you will need it to complete the badges for BadgeUP! Stay tuned :D

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