warning: pseudo-hubby bashing ang kuwento ko for the day. again. for the umpteenth time!

okay, he asks permission to go out and have a late dinner in some place with some guys sa blue tag. kasi daw pang-6th month na daw nung anak nung isang guy don, and naghanda daw sa house nila.

ranting factor #1: medyo last minute lang naman ang pagpapaalam niya. when i ask permission from him, and the thing i'm asking permission for is in five minutes, maaasar siya. bakit ngayon mo lang sinasabi? screw you, ba't ngayon ka lang rin nagpapaalam?

ranting factor #2: watdafuck is he doing asking for permission?!? doesn't he know na it makes me psycho when he goes out and he leaves me here sa house nila? do i always have to tell him what to do? god, it would be so nice to hear from him, alam mo, ini-invite ako nina *whoever* na mag-*whatever*. pero sabi ko uwi na lang ako sa inyo ni darice. when the fuck will that happen?!?!

ranting factor #3: he went back home, and he was trying to make lambing! okay, that didn't sound so bad... kaso he was doing it just because i let him go out. i would't get that much attention and lambing under normal circumstances. and tonight he was like, hilutin ko ulo mo?, and *staring* at me... geez, how pathetic can you get?!

ranting factor #4: i feel like a goddamn recluse! i have no friends to go out with, i have no social life whatever, and i'm confined to this house na dalawang tao lang talaga yung kinakausap ko! and i really really feel like i'm reduced to a full-time nanny. it's like alagaan mo anak natin ha while i go out and have some fun, and when it's my turn to go out it's like sinong mag-aalaga sa anak natin? not explicitly expressed, of course. but it's there, and i feel it -- the weight of guilt on my shoulders.

sabi pa niya kanina, since nag-inarte nako due to the above ranting factors, bakit mo ba ako pinapahirapan pag umaalis ako... god, how dense can he be? ilang beses na 'tong napag-usapan, ilang away na ang nangyari, and he still doesn't get it!

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