A Peyups thread asks: "Which would you prefer… getting a job using your connections or getting it thru your sariling sikap (getting it the hard way ika nga)?" I have the [un?]fortunate luck of being caught in this dilemma, since my mom has been circulating my resume among her banker friends, and I have been struggling to get tests and interviews with my choice companies.

You see, I don't really want to work in a bank, even though that's where the money is (literally and figuratively).

My mom just gave my resume to a friend of her who has a friend in CitiBank, and they have an opening for an assistant of the Assistant of the Country Manager. So that would be like a secretarial job, with no connection whatsoever with my six and a half years studying in U.P. However, as my mom said, it would be easier for me to get a job related to my course in CitiBank, since I would already be in CitiBank. On the other hand, who said I'd be willing to consider working, as a glorified secretary, in a bank?!?

As soon as I thought "Watduafuck is my mom thinking?!?", I immediately felt soooo guilty for getting irritated that my mother is helping me find a job. Hell, she's just helping me out, right? I'm lucky enough to have a mom, high enough in the corporate ladder in the banking industry, who has so many connections with other higher-ups, she can have as much as one million people in her personal network if she joined Friendster.

I know, I know, I shouldn't be complaining if ever a job just landed on my feet. However, there are slight problems regarding that situation. If ever I get a job through my mom's friends, then people in that company will be thinking that I only got the job because of my mom. Therefore, they will have a preconceived notion that I'm not really fit for the job, or that I'm not good enough. Of course, in any job, you have to prove your worth so that the company will retain you. Therefore, I must not only prove that I should stay in the company, but I should also prove that I belong there in the first place! *whew* I'd be working in a pressure cooker!

There's nothing wrong with getting a job through connections. It's just that I hope I get one through my own connections. I'm not really that mad that my mom is giving out my resumes to her friends. I just hope that they consider me for a job that's not related to banking. And there's definitely nothing wrong with getting ahead through hard work. I just hope that I have enough cigarettes and coffee to make me go through the day.


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