Goodbye Hewlett-Packard *sniff*sniff*

The interview was a disaster.

I could blame it on the fact that they made me come at 4pm, when they scheduled it for 2pm, and I was already in their office around 1:45pm. Too much time on my hands, window-shopping while roaming Glorietta, made me lose my 'hard' edge. By the time I arrived at the Robinson's Summit around 3:45pm, my feet were aching, my pulled-back hair was already falling apart, and my black polo-blouse was already wrinkled. I was a mess!

She started to ask me a few questions, and I, unfortunately, couldn't muster enough 'spunk' to answer coherently in English! All I could do was answer in stuttering Taglish. She then reminded me that I should answer in English, because she explained that she was also evaluating my communication skills.

Steee.........rrrrrrrrike 1!

She then asked a few more questions regarding my group dynamics, and I answered pretty well, even if I had to say a few uhm's and ah's in between. She then asked for my transcript (gulp), and so I handed my TCG over to her, explaining that my transcript wasn't yet available.

"So what's your GPA?" she asked as she reached over to get my TCG.

"I haven't really... I think it's around 2.5" I stammered.

"That's not very impressive"

Steee.........rrrrrrrrike 2!

She asked me a few questions regarding my grades and my study habits. Then she asked me what are the qualities that my friends and family liked about me. After that, she then asked me what they don't like about me.

I told her that they think I worry a lot, since I'm insecure and tend to think negatively about the future.

"So what do you do about that, to stop worrying and be more positive?" she asked.

I couldn't say that I try to be more positive, since that would be contradicting what I said earlier that I'm a negative-thinker.

And so I said, after a few stammering statements explaining some reasons why I was insecure, that I just "...pray to God to give me the confidence that I need".

Steee.........rrrrrrrrike 3! You're out!

What a cheezy stupid answer! I felt like I was in a beauty pageant, during the question and answer portion, smiling my mouth to cramps.

I don't know what was about that day, that office, that girl who interviewed me, that made me such a blubbering idiot! I could not believe I could come up with such stupid stupid stupid answers to such simple questions.

All I could think about on the way home was that they shouldn't have made me come back at 4:00! That it was unfair of them to make me come at 2:00, then inform me when I get there earlier than 2:00, to come back after 2 hours! The interview room was uncomfortable, and the girl interviewing me was a bitch! Unfair, unfair, unfair!

I know, I know.... they were thoughts of a sour-graping interviewee who failed an interview. Behind those thoughts were a grim realization that it was my inadequacy to put my answers into coherent English statements that wrecked the interview. It was my own fault - I totally threw away the chance of a lifetime.

As you have noticed, I'm writing in straight English, so that I can practice thinking and communicating in English. *sigh*

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