At Last...

Darice is asleep, Dar's not yet home.

At last, I have complete me-myself-and-I time.

First things first.

How's the dream job?

Hey, I never said it was my dream job!

Oh well, I still love the fact that my name can be associated with Soluziona. I know, I know, I was hooked by Mia's presentation. I enjoyed Jimpy's and Sharon's friendly chatter. I was flattered by Elmer's understanding. I told myself, I totally dig these people!

But it's a different thing altogether to be working for Soluziona. Especially in Meralco.

I totally have nothing to complain about the people there. My 'batch'-mates are friendly (although younger than me), my row-mates are coffee-addicts (like me!) and my MMS-mates are helpful and understanding. Nada. No complaints whatsoever.

The work. It comes in bursts. Some days, you're just staring at the manual, staring at the computer screen, hoping somebody texts you, or pops you [I'll explain that later ;) ], writing nondescript doodles in your notebook. Other days, you're having a hard time coping up with all the field names, with the table names, the program names, trying to figure out if DELRET is equal to KY-DOC or is it KY-DOC with DOCNUM, or maybe DELRET and PROPRET? My notebook gets filled with so many field names, validations, variables, numbers and what-have-you's, you realize, Whoa, it's 5:30 already?

For two weeks already, I've been swamped with work. I did two minor modifications (reports) using Natural, and a little tinkering with the PB system. Of course, you can't be writing code without its corresponding documentation. Whew.

Monday after Holy Week -- I'm trying to think of something to do. *yawn* Boring days are here again.

Good thing there's pop.

What is pop anyway?

It's actually called RealPop, and it's a network messenger. Kinda like a cross between YM and Chikka. Except there's no chat rooms, and no buddy lists.

Pop is how people in Meralco communicate. Everything can be 'popped' -- from the usual kulitan and forwarded messages, to description of your workload for the day, from overtime permits to questions about the system. You can pop anybody (if you know their pop number) and you can pop them about anything under the sun.

Being the 'shy' person that I am, I thank my lucky stars for 'pop'. I can ask just about anything from my team leader. I don't have to hesitate when I want to pop something to my 'batch'-mates. I can communicate with other people, and I don't have to be face to face with them... Woohoo!

Hey, have some face to face contact with your peers, man!

Of course I have face to face contact with them too!

Row 4 goes out for coffee after lunch. I usually have somebody to smoke with downstairs. I usually eat lunch with my batch-mates or my MMS mates. [Although lately, I've been eating by my lonesome self because I only have sandwiches for lunch =( ]

See... I'm making progress! [I hope...]

Any regrets?

A phone call from Hewlett-Packard came one lazy Saturday morning, asking for an interview. I answered truthfully, I'm sorry, but I'm already currently employed. Honestly, after I put the phone down, I didn't feel a twinge of regret.

Then I told Dar. Not only did I feel regret. I felt guilty, stupid, and naive. I cried the whole weekend.

Should I have gone in for that interview? Should I call HP and beg for that interview? Should I get my hopes up on that third interview, and pray and hope that I could snag a job at HP? HP gave me the most grief during an interview! I never felt so uncomfortable and so ill-at-ease in an interview! Should I sacrifice my time for Darice, for Dar, for myself for that rumored 29k starting salary? Why stress myself out for money that can be wasted on what-have-you's that will be bought by me, Darice or Dar?

I still believe in staying true to my deal with Soluziona. I have six months to make a decision. If that job in HP is meant for me, then it's for me. If this job at Soluziona is for me, then good thing I'm already with them. I don't think God made me feel so excited over Soluziona if I'm just going to regret it.

God doesn't make things happen to make you suffer. Sooner or later, He'll show you those things happened to make you happier. *sniff*sniff*

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