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Random Rambles: Star's Graduation

Yup she graduated from Nursery! Darice star is now officially a Kinder student hehehe. ^_^

I got disappointed, however, because she was so E.Q.-deprived that day =( Ate Ella was telling me stories of how Darice was singing enthusiastically during their graduation practice, and so, I really wanted to see her strut her stuff.

Well, no stuff-strutting was seen... She just put on her infamous pouty face, and kept calling for me, or for Dar. That was just before the graduation march, when they were lining-up outside the chapel. (Yes, they used the chapel for the ceremony). We finally got her to let us go when the students started marching. I thought everything was going great, that she would finally cheer up since she was already with her classmates. But then, one of the school's teachers called for me because Darice was crying and asking for me. Sigh. Walang ka-E.Q.-E.Q. talaga 'tong si Tooloosee.

So I went to her pew, and good thing she was near the aisle opposite the middle aisle. Kundi mistulang isang baboy akong nakatayo sa gitna ng simbahan non. She wanted me to carry her, and she wanted to go home na daw.

Good thing, the one person who I thought wouldn't be able to make it, magically appeared by my side.

Daddy and the boys!

So I asked Don to stay with Darice (since Darice absolutely adores her Tito Don) while I talked and stayed with Dadox and Rich. I asked Daddy the day before if he could come to the graduation, but Mom said he would be accompanying her to her mammogram. So I was so surprised and happy to see him, the boys, and the videocam (hehehe, the only reason he was there because I wanted him to video Darice)! Typical Daddy talaga, di man lang nagtext.

However, the videocam was not really needed because Darice was having her moods! She was pouting when she received her certificate! Then she started crying because she saw EJ get a medal, and she didn't! "Gusto ko rin ng necklace!", she whined. She was already bawling her eyes out during the graduation song!

I, on the other hand, was resisting the urge to just take her home and make her stay in her corner for an hour. Sigh.

And so, all of her pictures and videos during the ceremony had that unbeatably irritating pout.

Good thing lunch was way better.

They decided to eat lunch at Max's at Rob's Metro East. Woohoo! ^_^ I was itching to pig out after Darice's depressing mood. Then lo and behold, Darice's and EJ's classmate, Eryn, and her parents were also at Rob's Metro East. Dar's mom and Kuya Jun invited them to eat with us, and so they did. Darice was again the very makulit and hyper and happy kid because she, EJ and Eryn were running around and playing.

Daddy and Dar's mom and Kuya Jun were able to talk about the 'upcoming' (with quoatation marks because it's still 18 months away) wedding. Dad asked Kuya Jun why were we scheduling it September 2005 -- ang tagal pa daw. This was such a big shock to me because Daddy was the staunch adversary to us getting married when I get pregnant. And now, he's complaining, masyadong matagal pa? Daddy, love mo ko talaga *hug*

After lunch, Daddy and the boys took Darice to Manila to pick up Mommy and they went to Star City. (Fit for her, eh?) Darice stayed in Filinvest for the night. I'm sure Darice had a blast with them.

As for me and Dar, we had the night to do our passions -- me shopping for clothes during the Midnight Madness Sale at Rob's Place Manila, while Dar playing Ragnarok with his buds.

The graduation sucked, but the celebration sure rocked! ^_^

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