A Brief Rundown of Events That Happened This Month of June

June has passed and I haven't posted any decent entry! Therefore, I decided to just summarize all the things that happened on this glorious month of June. I can't promise it will be in chronological order though.

Dar's Birthday - Nyark, almost ruined his day. Was bitchy when I woke up. Didn't particularly warm up to the sight of Dar, groggily waking up, and then heading straight to his computer to check on his Ragnarok. Threw a few bitchy words at him. (I hate it when he wakes up and the first thing that he does is go to his computer!) When I got to office, I sent him a message telling him I was sorry. (Gawd, wala talaga akong pride!)

Creepy Guy from Meralco - Eew, some old creepy thin man wanted to make friends with me while I was having a smoke. *Eeew* Been watching out for him ever since that day. Unfortunately, we always seem to end up in the same elevator! Gawd... and he keeps asking my name, he keeps forgetting daw eh. Eh di wag mo ng tanungin, makakalimutan mo rin pala eh!

The Fight Before the Fete - which turned to the all-out-war after the Fete. It was the weekend when all we did was fight, kiss and make-up, then fight again. Don't want to bore you guys with all the gory details. It came down to this - he said sorry. Tapos.

And now, for the good stuff!

Gimik Night with High School Friends - The last time I saw my high school barkada was when they went over to Dar's house for my birthday this year *touched* All of us were there except for Andrea (thank god! a never-ending tirade of her kuwentos and insulting remarks about my weight is never welcome...) I had a marvelous time! ^_^ We pigged out at North Park, then had some coffee at Starbucks Ortigas (near Meralco). I announced my upcoming *ehem* wedding, and they were all excited ^_^ Though there were a few sad stories (about cheating exes and fighting siblings), all in all, twas a good night. I went home earlier (huh, surprise of the century), and they went to Chris's house for a few drinks and more kuwentuhan. Even Dar's sour mood when I got home didn't get me down. ^_^ Haay, sana maulit muli.

Seabest with My Martian Friend - A nice escape from the fight-before-the-Fete! It was so great to see a college buddy again, and compare notes and kuwentos regarding our chosen careers (chosen nga ba? and career na ba ito?). I mean career for me as pertaining to my work, and career for him as pertaining to "karir" as in "kinakarir" hehehe ^_^ Peace, Drei! (Sarap talaga sa Seabest, lamig sa smoking area nila! Goodbye Starbucks Katips, I don't wanna make tambay there na hehehe ^_^) Haay.... I miss the enlightening talks about everything and nothing at all =)


So that was my June, filled with really depressing moments with Dar, but then, also filled with joyous (watda? hehehe dramatic) gatherings with my friends.

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