Heart to Heart Talk with Mommy

Yosi: 6-ish
Kape: around 2? nah... maybe 3

(Hehehe... not my mom. With our project manager. The team fondly calls her mommy...)

Today, we got a new officemate. He was the one who replaced Eric, who will be migrating to Australia a few weeks from now. My god, he's TALL. The new officemate, that is. He's from La Salle, an ECE graduate. God, he's TALL. (Am I so fixated on his tallness?)

For lunch, the all went out, except for me, since I always bring my lunch. After my yosi break with Yayie, I found that Mommy didn't go out for lunch, so I ended up eating with her at the conference table. (I always avoid her, since I really don't know what to say to her! =S )

That when she asked me if she knew who were leaving the office a few weeks from now. Since my rowmates have (secretly) informed of this and asked not to tell a soul, but since it was Mommy asking, I said yes, I knew there were three persons who will be leaving the office. She didn't seem to mind that I knew. Whew.

Anyways, she talked of her plans for our team, and for me in particular. She said she might be transferring me to another module, after the minor enhancement my team leader and I are working on. This is because *another* office person, who is working for that module, is asking to be reassigned to another project. So I'll be trained to take his place (well not literally take his place, somebody else will take his place and then I will take that somebody's place, gets?).

I'm very excited with the turn of events, although a bit worried. Excited because I'm learning so much already, and I've been doing so many things already; things are always looking up. A bit worried because two team leaders will be leaving, then two newbies will be replacing them... It will be just Mommy, the remaining two team leaders, and all of us newbies...

Haaay. Kawawa naman si Mommy.

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