Barkada Night

Kape: Cappuccino from Mocha Blends

Because of the horrendous traffic jam I experienced last night, I decided not to go out with my high school friends kanina. Also, Dar had basketball gimik with his twopa, so I was also a bit hesitant to leave Darice alone with her Tita EJ and Lala.

Around 5 in the afternoon, Indo sent a mass text message asking to confirm our attendance. Therefore, I sent her a message saying I was sick and I wouldn't be able to make it.

After dinner, I was feeling relatively better, so I sent a regretful message to Indo saying sana nakasama ako sa inyo. She replied, telling me that they were in Eastwood. She asked susunod ka ba? I told her, di na. dar left. walang kasama si darice.

Around 10 in the evening, I received a message from Chris, puntahan ka namin ok lang?.

Then she called me up a few seconds later. Sunduin ka namin. Kape tayo.

I immediately agreed. Mocha Blends is just a few seconds away from our subdivision. I told Dar's mom that I was going out for an hour, that my friends were gonna pick me up, that we were just going to get some coffee at Mocha Blends, and that I'll be leaving Darice with her. She agreed, sige, sige, nagpaalam ka na kay darius? akong bahala kay darice.

After ten thousand years, they were still not here to pick me up. Darice was being dramatic again, mama, dito lang ka. She was crying, clinging to me. And so I sent Indo a message, san na kayo? ayaw nako paalisin ni darice sayang nakabihis nako hehehe.

They arrived around past 11 (They came from Eastwood! What took them so long?!?), and I told them that maybe we could just hang out at the veranda. They hovered over Darice, making friends with her, trying to convince her to let her Mama go.

Darice did agree to let me go with them for coffee.

Only if she was going with us.

Which was perfect with my friends, because they were absolutely smitten with her.

"Parang Ya-ya sisterhood, kasama yung anak gumimik" said Anamaine.

When we arrived at Mocha Blends, we did get a few stares, since it was almost 12 and we had a 4 year old kid with us. We decided to just buy some coffee and cake and cookies then go back to the house. We did know a four year old kid was with us hehehe.

So we headed back to the house. Darice was absolutely enamored with Anamaine and her P900. She stayed by Anamaine's side the whole time.

Best laugh brought to us by Andrea: "1 gig na yon! Dalawang 512!". Er, hello?!?!

Whew, they left just a few minutes ago.

Still glowing.

Can't believe that my high school friends went all the way to the house to see me (and Darice)!


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