I just got home.

Four hours.

From Ortigas to Marcos Highway.

A flat tire just pass Cinco Hermanos.

An L-300 Versa Van from heaven to the rescue.

Hot as hell as it crawled along Marcos Highway.

So hungry.

Throbbing headache.

Falling asleep, waking up a few minutes later, the same car outside from an hour ago.

Texting Dar every hour, asking him if he's still stuck in Katipunan.

"Miriam" then "Ateneo" then "Sakayan ng Katips sa ilalim ng tulay"

Throngs of people walking in all directions.

Fellow passengers losing hope and just leaving the van.

Closed intersections now open to traffic.

Frustrated MMDA.

Should I just walk from Sta. Lucia to our gate?

Burger King... so near... yet so far.

And then...

"Para ho sa tabi..."

And then, I'm home.

Thank God.

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