I have so much work to do.

My minor enhancement for the team is ending on August 30. A major enhancement just started last August 18. So I'm sandwiched between thoroughly testing my modifications for the minor enhancement, and learning the ropes of the new major enhancement. Add to that, the enhancements are for two completely different modules! My brain is having a hard time coping with all the information that I learned for the first module, and the information I'm still struggling with for the second module. I've been going home around 6 pm for the past couple of days just to do all this!

My concern is for the second enhancement. It involves a lot of technologies - Natural and PB (which I already learned and trained for), and *drumroll please* Java! Good thing the Java part for the enhancement will start in two weeks, so I have a little time to brush on my Java skills (huh? what skills? *toink*)


My team leader Love just left last Friday.

God... MMS is not the same without her.

Oh well... at least I had the chance to show her another side of me last Friday. I was assigned to organize the going-away 'party' for her - the gifts, the food, and collection of payment. Actually, what I really did was just organize the suggestions for the gift (5 People You Meet In Heaven), the food (Yellow Cab pizzas - #4 Cheese and Meatlovers) and the most crucial of all, the payment (60 pesos each). I actually came up with the bookmarks idea - instead of a card, we could give her each a bookmark with our own special message. Love is a certified book lover, so what better idea to remember us by?

So that kept me occupied all last week. Buying the bookmarks, scouting the bookstores for the book (National had it for 775 bux! But good thing Lory was able to purchase it from Powerbooks for a discounted price of 620 pesos, woohoo!), asking Mommy Shaws if there's enough funds for the food... Whew! Love's going-away party was my launching event! I had to do this right!

But everything went well last Friday. ^_^

I think Love really appreciated the bookmarks hehehe. =D

The best thing about that Friday was that Mommy Shaws and Love and me went over my evaluation. I was so near tears during the whole time, because I didn't know what to feel - excitement, apprehension, gratitude. I really appreciated what Love had to say in my evaluation. I was so grateful that she saw the potential in me, and that she saw what I was trying to do the whole time. God, Love, don't leave MMS, huhuhu... =...(

And that is why I'm going nuts regarding the minor enhancement. There is no Love to rescue me.


Enough about work already!

Some of the things that take my mind off work in the office are our batch blind items*. Tsismis, woohoo!

As of now, we have three blind items.

1. Same year Soluziona batch, same school in college. Boy likes girl ^_^

2. Newbie likes girl "playmate" of guy.... newbie and girl are from same Soluziona batch and school ^_^

3. Magkafloor! Sila ang new item ngayon!

The only mystery in the above blind items is number one. I was the one who "broke" the story of number 2 (mwahahahahha!). Now number three is the best blind item of all.

Our batch is assigned to two different floors, the 4th floor where the MMS, CMS, FMS and EIS peeps are assigned, and the 11th floor, where the DMS peeps are assigned. So first, we investigate the 11th floor peeps. Take out all those with SO's... and we're left with two guys. And one of those guys actually, and for sure, knows the love birds concerned in blind item number 3!

So scrap the 11th floor peeps.

Now. Let's look at the 4th floor peeps. Let's take out all those with SO's, and we're left with 4 peeps... three guys and one girl. Let's take out the other two guys... coz they're highly impossible. And we're left with a highly improbable couple! (Just as Sherlock Holmes said - eliminate the impossible, whatever's left, however improbable, is the answer!)

So... Yayie and I have been busy yapping about this 'couple' - all the 'coincidences', all the hidden meanings we find in our group pop whenever one denies or just stays quiet about the blind items.... It is definitely driving us nuts trying to figure out how we can make the couple own up to their blossoming romance! Hahahha. =D The best thing about this is, what if they're not really an item? And we've just been 'kilig' like crazy about the two of them being together?!? Hahahahahah =D We really really really want the two of them to be blind item number 3! They're both quiet, but they're fun to be with... basta they're bagay!!!


That's what I do at the office. Multi-task to death with my two enhancements. Then I take a break thanks to those blind items.

Haay gossip. What would I do without you?


*Batch - same year of joining Soluziona. I'm an honorary member of batch 2003 because I was the first new employee for 2004. So right now when I say batch, it means batch 2003 and 2004.

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