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Today is the second day of the Corporate Orientation for our batch. A whole day devoted to learning more and more and more about Soluziona.

I hope I don't nod off again.

Kakahiya. I was sitting near Elmer pa naman. I really couldn't help it, my eyes were closing themselves!!! Then I *literally* felt the sensation of "falling asleep" because I was trying really hard to resist it.

And then it happened. For a split second, I was off to dreamland.

I snapped back up, awake and full of energy after that *really embarassing* split second.

I really really hope nobody noticed.


The Soluziona sportsfest, entitled extreme sportZ (kelangan talaga dominant yung Z hehehehe, will have its opening ceremony on Monday, November 22.

Guess who is one of the team captains of white team? ^_^

As of now, we're busy planning and practising for the cheering competition. Since some readers of this blog may be spies from the other teams (Hi Yayie! hehehe) I won't be divulging any information about our very complicated routine. ^_^

Kaasar nga, makakamiss ako ng practice sessions today because the batch will be at Eastwood, listening and listening and listening to talks and lectures. Haaay... di bale kaya na ni co-captain Tonton yan.

GooooOOOOoooo WHITE!!!


After today's session at Eastwood, Mia, our HR girl, and the batch will trek to MMLDC (dunno what the acronym stands for eh), the conference/events center of Meralco in Antipolo. Well, we'll have dinner first pala, then we'll check-in for the night.

Coolness noh? Bakasyon na naman hehehe.

The previous batch (aka Yayie, Toto, Gay, et al) suggested we take lots of pictures with the pelicans and ostriches. (One even suggested we ride the ostrich hahahah) The also said to take advantage of the facilities of the place. My wedding coordinator also said that MMLDC was one of the places she was considering for my reception kasi nga daw super ganda nga daw don.

Oh well, I do hope I can max out what MMLDC has to offer. Can't wait to go there later ^_^


Let me leave you with this sentence I got from Paolo Coelho's Closing Cycles:

Stop turning on your emotional television to watch the same program over and over again, the one that shows how much you suffered from a certain loss: that is only poisoning you, nothing else.

Sadness, this is so true for me.

Anyways, I'll try to post the whole thing when I get back. I hope I've digested enough of the piece, and have thought about it in MMLDC, para wala na akong issues sa sarili ko. I need to close that poisonous cycle!!!


Toodles! ^_^

P.S. Ipagdasal nyo naman na sana eh di ako makatulog sa harap ng mga business unit heads ngayong araw na'to. Salamat po!

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