Sun Tech Days in Manila

Hahahha, so marunong pala talaga akong mag-Java!

Last week, after the long Undas weekend, and after working our butts off for only 2 freaking days, the eMMS team (Tonton, Ketket and Armand) together with Yayie, Archie, Ken, Trisha and Sherry, trekked to the Manila Shangri-la for two days of everything Java.

One good thing I absolutely loved about the conference was the free food from Manila Shangri-la! Breakfast, lunch, merienda and cocktails after the conference were absolutely free ^_^ Pero didn't partake in the cocktails coz it was late na eh.

One more good thing was the freebies! All participants of the conference got a Sun messenger bag and a conference kit with a notebook and pen. Meron silang pakulo wherein an activity card was to be stamped by people from the different sponsors' booths and then you get corresponding number of points. Then these points can be exchanged for Sun money. With your Sun money, you can "buy" more Sun souvenirs like a shirt (150 Sun bucks) or a mouse (500 Sun bucks). I was able to accumulate 490 Sun bucks, and so I "bought" a Sun radio (with a built-in flashlight! Coolness hahahah!) for 300 Sun bucks and a shirt.

But I wasn't just there for the freebies! I came to learn more about Java! And as nerdy as this sounds, I did learn more about what's going on with Sun and Java!!!

Sun Java System RFID Software Sobrang coolness nito! RFID tags are poised to replace the bar code technology because unlike the UPC (universal product code) currently being used, the EPC (electronic product code) being used by the RFID tags has a unique ID for each and every individual item of a product because it has enough number of bits. One of the sessions talked about how Sun developed the Event Manager and Information Server using Java and Jini technology to manage and maintain RFID systems. Kaka-excite lang, because the Meralco MMS (Materials Management System) can really benefit from this kind of technology. Pero asa pa talaga na gawin 'to ng Meralco hahaha.

Sun Java Studio Creator and JavaServer Faces
Whaat?!? Kakadigest ko lang ng struts tapos ngayon faces naman?!? Anyways, the cool thing about this session was that they used Sun Java Studio Creator to create a web application by just using drag-and-drop! Coolness! Therefore, itapon na ang Eclipse hahahha!

Java 2 Platform Standard Edition 5.0
One of the cool things that J2SE 5.0 has to offer is the autoboxing and auto-unboxing of primitive (object) data types to their corresponding object (primitive) types. One more thing is the enhancement of the for-loop into the for-each loop. One more cool development is the Generics object. Read more about the other revisions here.

Oooh did I sound like the dork that I really am?!? Hahaha. Bottomline is, the Sun Tech Days was a blast. Definitely looking forward to it next year. ^_^



I saw a friend of mine from U.P. during the conference, and he took my picture, and nagpa-cute naman ako. He sent me the pic a few days ago, and since he also reads my blog, made a really funny connection with one of the pics posted in my blog:

Mag-ina daw talaga kami ng anak ko!

Hahahha! Toodles! ^_^

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