SiteMeter, I Love You

I was looking through my Sitemeter account, checking who has been visiting my site, how long they stay, and how did they get there (the link they followed to get to my site).

One particular visit creeped me out. Here's Sitemeter's record of his/her visit.

Time of Visit Nov 24 2004 1:32:05 pm
Last Page View Nov 24 2004 1:32:05 pm
Visit Length 0 seconds
Page Views 1
Referring URL
Visit Entry Page http://missyosigirl....0/rollercoaster.html
Visit Exit Page http://missyosigirl....0/rollercoaster.html

Did you see that??? A EEE faculty yahoogroups message had a link to my site! *faints*

The entry and exit page is here, where I talked about Dar's exam cheating, and that I hoped the Dean of Eng'g would go easy on him, since we *knew* the Dean of Eng'g. I couldn't really go to the referring url because, of course, I am not a member of that yahoogroup. One good thing that I hope Sitemeter is accurate about is the visit length, because it lasted 0 seconds daw.

Anyhoo, I looked into the earlier visitors, and lo and behold, there were two other visits referred by that url. Na-intriga nako ha. Ibig sabihin, merong EEE faculty na nakabasa ng entry ko then passed it around through email.

Okay, I am not worried that they'll be reading about me in my blog, but it's about that particular entry they're passing around. They might think that Dean Gev *will* go easy on Dar. Which is not true at all. What Dean Gev has been doing for Dar in this case is to give him guidance, and has been berating him for his actions. My mistake in that entry is believing that Dean Gev will be responsible for the outcome of the case. Which, again, is not true. Dar explained to me the details of the case - a panel of teachers (not necessarily from the EEE faculty) will decide on the case. (Ang pagdedesisyunan lang naman is kung gaano kabigat yung parusa, kasi he will plead guilty naman.) Ayoko lang ma-misinterpret yung entry na yon.

So I looked at the other details of the recent visitors of my blog. Natawa na lang ako ng ma-discover ko kung sino ang pinaka-suspect ko sa pagpasa ng entry na yon.

Time of Visit Nov 23 2004 9:59:14 pm
Last Page View Nov 23 2004 10:14:20 pm
Visit Length 15 minutes and 6 seconds
Page Views 4
Referring URL
Search Engine:
Search Words: looney gueta
Visit Entry Page http://missyosigirl....0/rollercoaster.html
Visit Exit Page http://missyosigirl....aches-and-pains.html

So ayan, may nagpaka-vain at hinanap ang pangalan nya sa Google. (Hahahah, ginagawa ko rin yan eh!) Neways, my entry showed up as the second search result, so I understand kung bakit sya naman ay na-intriga din. Touched naman ako kay Sir Looney, apat na entries ang binasa sa blog ko ^_^

Nga pala, I just want to explain that I'm using Sitemeter not to spy on my readers/visitors, but to see if the new visitors stay on the site or just leave after a few seconds. I also want to see who has been referring my site, so I could link them up as well, but most of the time, referrers are the searches made on Google and Yahoo!. Also, I want to make sure my site is browser-compatible, so that any browser can be able to load it. I noticed pala na 0 seconds naman yung visit nung mga peeps who were referred by that yahoogroup message. Tapos yung mga browsers nila is Netscape. Ayun, kaya siguro 0 seconds yung visit nila kasi di magload nung site ko =(

Hehehe, ayan, so mag-Sitemeter na rin kayo!

Toodles! ^_^

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