Orientation into the Corporate World, in Pictures

A day and a half in this setting... Still haven't learned the art of falling asleep with my eyes open


The future of Soluziona, naks.
From left to right, top row: Mia, Santy, Dom, Van, Aldo, Armand, Ralph, Jonas, Randy, Marjay, TinPar; bottom row: Kat, Reena, Jenn, moi


Dinner at OJ's, before we head out to MMLDC. Parang pot session, with all the pillows and low tables ahehehe.


The Spider Web Challenge: All team members should be able to cross the spider web without going through a "hole" twice, and without touching any part of the web. If a body part (hair, clothes, etc) touch the web, all members who already crossed should return to the other side and do everything all over again.

Armand had to go in first because he was the biggest, so that when he's at the other side of the web, can help out in *carrying* the members on to the other side of the web.

After getting Armand, Van and Aldo to the other side of the web, the group decided that it was the girls' turns to cross the web.

Notice that I (in purple shirt) was still at the other side, holding Marjay so that he won't touch the web, as he helped carry Kat to Armand, who was at the other side of the web.

And now look! As Jenn is crossing the web, I (again, in purple shirt) am now helping Armand, Aldo, Van and Kat. That means, I already crossed the web! Which means the guys carried me, too! They were able to carry me!!! (Sabi nga ni Armand: "Alam mo Shelley, you're not as heavy as you think". O diba?!?!)

Aww but sadness, we weren't able to cross all the other members through the web. Mia didn't give us extra time, because it was already quarter to 1 and we had to check out of the Creativity Hall of the MMLDC by 1. Sayang. We were so revved up pa naman na kaya namin i-cross lahat through the web.

Ayan, so picture na lang muna. Kaming mga girls happy lang noh, but the boys, mukhang pagod na pagod hahahahha =D

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