Soluziona is going to have its Christmas party on the 11th, with a Going-To-The-Movies theme, wherein we will have to wear costumes and dress up as characters from movies.

I need a costume.

The only thing I can think of right now is to dress up as Dorothy. Nyork, parang ang baduy. Or as Go-go kaya from Kill Bill? Di puede, she's wearing an uber-short skirt.

Aaargh. Wala akong maisip na matinong costume!!!

And one more itsy-bitsy thing.

The newbies have to perform for the party. Waaaaah!

[Whew, oks lang yan, nakapag-ipon-ipon naman na ako ng kapal ng mukha eh hehehe.]

The idea for the presentation is to present a medley of song/dance numbers from certain movies, like the Jingle Bell Rock dance of Mean Girls, any dance from Grease, the Wishin'-and-Hopin' opening number for My Best Friend's Wedding, or the Soul Train dance number of Natalie in Charlie's Angels.

But we need more ideas. [10 minutes max lang naman yung presentation, pero feeling ko kasi parang tig-wa-one minute lang each song/dance number from a movie eh] Para we'd have more options to choose from.

And so...

Any ideas for my movie character costume?


Any more song/dance numbers from movies that you may know of?

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