All Hail The King

This movie is all about Ryan Reynolds: best buff body and H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S one-liners. At first, you'll get disoriented a bit because, hey, its Van Wilder Party Liaison, in such a serious role, weilding all those guns, sporting that manly beard and mustache. And then, he gets to speak his one-liners, and it turns out you're watching Van Wilder Vampire Killer Hannibal King!

As I told my friends, Hannibal King was like Puss in Boots in Shrek: he definitely stole the show from Blade.

Some of Hannibal King's lines (courtesy of Internet Movie DataBase):

Hannibal King: I can only tell you two things... One, that hairdo is... ridiculous. And two, I ate a lot of garlic today and I just farted. Silent but deadly.
Hannibal King: Unlike most vampires, Danica's fangs are located in her vagina.
Hannibal King: [Enter Vampire Pomeranian] Fuck me!
Hannibal King: [Enter Two Vampire Rottwilers] Fuck me Sideways!
Hannibal King: [to Danica] You cock juggling thunder cunt!
Hannibal King: So, are you totally ready to sign up for one of our super secret Nightstalker decoder rings?

Parker Posey rocks too! She looked so at ease as the vampire bitch Danica Talos; it was like she's been such a freakin' bitch her whole life! I especially love her super high-heeled shoes *drool*

Blade: Trinity was so much fun because of Ryan Reynolds and Parker Posey (uy, RR and PP, yikee :P) ^_^ But since the effects, fight scenes, cinematography are not that extraordinary, watching this movie on a clear DVD copy is enough. You'd still love Hannibal King's sarcasm (subtitles can make it so much easier for you to understand what he just said :P) and you'd still hate that bitch Danica Talos. Oh and I almost forgot Dracula! Or you can just call him Drake, since he is trying to fit in right? Drake is the cool Dracula: white silk shirt, nice black pants and LOTS of bling-bling. The best thing about him was that, in the end, he came to respect Blade. And helps out Blade pa. Coolness, diba?

As I've already said (or written): watch this not for the story, not because of Wesley Snipes, not even because you've watched the first two Blade films. This is a Ryan Reynolds film, and his Hannibal King rocks ^_^

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