Better Late than Never

I've been "blog-hopping" these past few days (if you could call it that: Ramil made it possible for me to *surf* the web using email, as we don't have internet access in the office), and I've been reading people's New Year's resolutions.

One of the things I learned was that resolutions, or more specifically, goals should be S.M.A.R.T.: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.

And so I retooled my goals for 2005, to come up with SMART-er resolutions. Also, one thing that guided my mind regarding my resolutions this year was the wedding. That's why anything I have planned for 2005 is related to the upcoming wedding, and of course, for the sacrament of marriage itself. That means I have to deal, or wrestle with, my demons.

* * *

Down to 120 Yup, that's my ideal weight. That means I only have to lose ***** more pounds. Then after losing those ***** pounds, I have to maintain that weight.

Now let's be more specific: I want to lose ***** pounds in three months. So every month, I should be losing ***** pounds. And every week, I must lose ***** pounds.

I'll be able to lose those pounds by: Going to the gym regularly - I mean this. I'm planning to go every Tuesdays, Thursdays and the weekend. I'm aiming for an hour and a half to two hours per gym session. I'll be concentrating on my cardio exercises. Eating light and right - Salads and sandwiches. Lessen my rice intake. Sweets to a bare minimum.

Money Matters ... A lot, so I need to save up! Our wedding budget needs a little boost, so I need to lie low from all those shoes and jackets I've been wanting to buy *wipes off drool*

My game plan for this is to try to lay away 2,500 pesos every payday, or a total of 5k a month. Oooh... I hope my puny salary can handle it. :(

CraftyGrrrl I promise to spend more time with my hobby ^_^ I have all these cut-up clothes and jeans for bags and shirts, half-strung beads for necklaces, and projects saved up in the computer which I even havent's started yet. I love doing these reconstruction and embellishment, but I find that I just don't have enough time! So I definitely have to make time for this, kasi kelangan din para sa kasal! To help out with the wedding budget, I've decided to some *crafty* things for the wedding. That's why there is a need for me to be more *crafty*, or more creative, and be more masipag, especially!

And on this note, I should not neglect all those projects I have planned or started already. I hope in three months' time eh tapos na lahat ng unfinished projects ko, and wala ng nakakalat na materials. And I should be able to come up with more creative ways of helping out with the wedding :) [My coordinator just gave me an assignment: make my own wedding invites *gulp*]

Yosi: Zero Itaga nyo 'to sa bato, by September 9, 2005, I'll be nicotine-free. [I know some will react na bakit by September pa, eh sa ganon talaga eh!]

I have no clear-cut way of doing this, but I've started to lessen my cigarette breaks already. I know that's a really really tiny step, but it's a step nonetheless. I have to begin somewhere, right?

No More Drama And by the time I get to quit smoking, I hope I'm done being the drama queen. I hope I've cleared my heart of all the fears, insecurities and lies by the time September comes along. I do not want to go into this life-binding contract with all those demons in my head and heart.

And there is only one way to deal with my demons: break down the walls that are holding them in. ;)

* * *

The first three resolutions would be the easier tasks, because they require a sort of external change. Unlike the last two resolutions, wherein there will be a need to extract a clinging parasite from the innards of my body and soul. There is no way the last resolution is SMART - there are no specifics, there's no way I'll be able to measure it, but I know, definitely, it's achievable, realistic and timely.

I hope the stars help me out with my own plans for the year! Toodles!

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