On Coffee, Purple and ... Badminton?!?

My officemates know how I love coffee. And they also know how I got so obssessed with the Starbucks planner at the start of the year. [I only started collecting stickers last January 5, and the last day of the promo was January 15. I had 21 stickers to collect, and that meant 21 cups of coffee in 10 days.] And so, a Starbucks mug for the girl who drinks coffee three times a day.

Thank you, MMS peeps! I've always wanted to buy one for myself! ^_^

My office batchmates also know how crazy I am over the color purple. And so, they gave me these assorted objects all in the color, what else, purple! That's a pillow, a mousepad, Kotex panty liners, a toothbrush, a kikay bag, and an I-don't-think-it's-purple ashtray. I brought everything home, except for the mousepad, which I'll be using in the office, and of course the ashtray, because I really don't think Dar would approve, heheheh...

Thanks Batch 2k3 and 2k4! ^_^ Andami kong purple na gamit woohoo!

Ahhh... the most surprising gift of all.

Dar picked me up from work. He then asked me if I wanted to play badminton with my office mates, who were currently playing in LBC that night. I reacted with a what-the-hell look, and just said that I already declined, because it was my birthday. But he kept pushing and pushing, and I finally got a little irritated, and answered with a "Bakit ba?". And then he said, "Para magamit mo na yung badminton racket mo". I gave a happily surprised shriek of "Ba't mo ko binilhan ng racket??!!" Ayan, para naman daw may sport nako. Karerin na ito.

Thanks baby ^_^ Magpapaka-sporty na talaga ako hihihi :P


Thank you to all who remembered, who sent text messages and emails, who called me up to greet me last Monday. You guys made my day!


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