On Plagiarism

Got an email from sassylawyer:

I came across kuro.ph via Google. I was shocked to find that many of my blog entries had been plagiarized and posted there. The "bopis" recipe in http://www.kuro.ph/forums/showthrea...39&page=2&pp=15 was copied, word for word, from my food blog http://cooking.houseonahill.net/ind...d/recipe/bopis/ The Board Master who calls himself "Fireman" is a plagiarist. Princeedward is also a plagiarist. The pork satay and pinaupong manok recipes, including the photos, were also copied from http://cooking.houseonahill.net. I am demanding for the removal of Fireman and Princeedward from the Kuro.ph forums and all their postings deleted. I have posted the above in the kuro.ph forums. But it will help if I can have your support. Whatever form of support will be appreciated, whether blog entries or otherwise. If you know of any other blog entries that have been plagiarized, please post an entry about it in your blog or in PinoyBlog. Let us mobilize our community in the fight against plagiarism on the internet. Thank you.

This is not the first time I've come across people lifting text, pictures, or even bandwidth from blogs. Last year, I came across areyouinthemoodforsomedude's infuriated entry about some loser copying his entries, and even streaming his music, from his own paid webhosting service! Turns out that the loser was not only stealing from dude, but from other bloggers as well.

Kapal! Pa-blog-blog ka nga, ala ka naman palang masusulat na matino na galing mismo sayo! The anti-thesis of a blogger, tsk tsk.

And now, it's sassylawyer's turn. Her recipes and pictures from her cooking blog were being posted on a forum. Haller. Mangongopya ka na nga lang, sa isang sassy lawyer pa, tsk tsk. Moderators pa talaga ng kuro.ph ang may sala, eh sila nga dapat ang magsilbing ehemplo sa mga members ng forum na yon. The sassylawyer also found out that some of the posts there (in the cooking forum) were being lifted from other cooking sites as well, without due credit!

Readers of dude and sassylawyer have suggested a number of ways to prevent losers from copying text and graphics from their blogs. I am still very lax about security on my site (di man lang naka-disable ang right-click - mejo naiirita kasi ako sa mga sites na disabled ang right click eh sowi!) kasi feeling ko wala naman talaga silang makokopya sa site ko. Pero I might start implementing some kind of anti-plagiarism mechanism dito sa blog ko, pero I might ask for some help muna from the genius ramil. (Naks)

And so to all of you bloggers out there, be very very careful. Implement some kind of tracking device on your blog, that way you can keep track of who visits your blog. Disabling right-click is not enough. Also, don't forget to site your references. Tinuruan naman tayong lahat nung high-school kung paano gumawa ng footnote para sa mga references natin. Alam naman natin kung anong gagawin kung paraphrased or direct quote ang reference natin, diba? Be a responsible blogger.

I hope this entry has opened our eyes on how plagiarism is prevalent on the internet. Prevent your blog/journal/site from being copied, and be a responsible blogger as well.

As sassylawyer said on her email, Let us mobilize our community in the fight against plagiarism on the internet.

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