The Three Bees of Subic


200 bucks for 2 hours at the Camayan Beach, right next to Ocean Adventure. I was kind of wishing some dolphins would get lost and head straight to our beach hehehe.

I know how to swim and I love to swim, but this is the first time I ventured out into the deep.* My friends and I swam out to aa dock/platform a few meters away from the shoreline. Man, not feeling the sand bed on my feet was kinda freaky. Also I got worried that I might get tired with all the treading I have to do stay afloat. But then, I do know how to do the backstroke so I decided to just float on my back when I get tired. I reached the platform with no tireness whatsoever, therefore, so proud of myself ^_^

90 bottles of beer man!


90 bottles of beer for 13 people! Can you freaking believe that? Not only that, we also had Gilbey's and Artic vodka, El Hombre tequila and Johnny Walker (hahahha! Pang-lolo!) God, the alcohol was overflowing as if there was no tomorrow!

The effect:

I was a knock out by 12 am after downing 4 1/2 beers, 4 shots of Artic vodka and a kiddie shot of El Hombre Tequila.

R barfed at the guys' bathroom. He tried to clean it up by pouring water, and then realizing, there's no drain. "So that's why the bits and pieces were just ... floating."

V made a trail of puke, from the living room to the bathroom. A tried to warn the other guys, (while walking from the bedroom to the living room) "Hey be careful, V made a mess here", pointing to a pool of puke, "here", again pointing, "and, eww, here too" before finally stepping on a pile of barf by V. Hahahah!

Another casualty, T made a wiser move and threw up outside. Yes, fertilizer for the grass daw. Hehehe.

All these happened after El Hombre made the rounds. God, that tequila sucks! ;p

god of gamblers


The much awaited poker night and casino trip.

I learned how to play Texas Hold'em type of poker, wherein each player gets two cards each. Then a round of betting. Then the dealer first puts down three cards face up, and another round of betting. Another card face up from the dealer, and another round of betting. Show of hand. The dealer shows another card face up. Game ends.

Well, that's how I saw it when the R, T, M, V, S and A played poker that night. The buy-in was a hundred bucks each, and they used real poker chips, ang saya! Ante (?) was a peso poker chip hehehe. The first one of the game was V, followed by T. Then it was S, and the three with huge piles of poker chips were R, M and A.

But then, El Hombre showed up so R had to go to the bathrom, then forgot all about playing poker. They decided to split the pot.

Before we went home, we passed by Diamond Casino, while some other guys went to play mini golf. They played the roulette, and unfortunately, R lost a freaking 1500 bucks! C won 300 bux all in all, after two trips to the roulette table.

Kudos to the old guy at the roulette table, who was exchanging 5 1000-peso bills for casino chips like they were play money. While we were there, I think he did that for more than 5 times. Whoa. Rich dude.


Yes, We Even Managed to Do These!

Visit Zanzibar

A creepy resort hotel in Olongapo, Zanzibar is the perfect venue for a Halloween party. With its rusty railings and musty perfume-y odor, you're transported to a real-life haunted hotel, wherein you won't be surprised if a skeleton jumps out of the closet.

We had the (un)fortunate chance to visit the place, as we did an ocular visit for our company's outing. They said it looked good on the website. Oh well, they are trying to lure tourists, so they better put up good pics on their site. Or maybe the pics were taken decades ago, when it was spanking new.

It took so long before we finally saw the place, because the only Zanzibar sign we saw was written on the pot (see picture). Serious! Well the building had a big Z on its old facade, but maybe we were trying to convince ourselves that, no, it can't be, this can't be Zanzibar!

And so a new catchphrase for the batch. Zanzibar will always be in our memories. But, definitely, we are not having our company outing here.

subic bay yacht club
Have Lunch at Subic Bay Yacht Club

We went looking for the SBYC to erase the *horrible* memories of Zanzibar. Had a filling lunch, with kare-kare, crispy pata, and sisig, with the very *fatty* seafood rice, as we thought it was made with lots of crablet fat (or aligue).

Then to redeem ourselves after the Zanzibar fiasco, we did an ocular visit. Ahhh, would definitely looooove to stay here for a weekend! Hope the company has the budget! (Asa pa! :P)

forest hills aftermath
Totally Trash Our Unit

We stayed at Forest Hills, a village resort, wherein visitors stay in small houses. We got a 1st-floor unit, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. One room had a bathroom, so us girls had that for ourselves. The boys... well, they can manage on their own hehehe.

After three boxes of pizza, 63 empty bottles of beer, lots of chips and a pack of Chips Ahoy, the place did not look pretty. S was scrambling all over the place, the morning after, trying to fix the place. T got pressured and started wiping the dining table. They couldn't do anything about the non-existence of a drain in the boys' bathroom. I tried to help out, but too many cooks spoil the broth, so I let the boys do it hehehe.


All these in one weekend. I don't even know how I managed to get up Monday morning.

Boy, do I need this. After a hellish work week, this was what I was craving for. An adventurous trip, some fun in the sun, and drinks to last us a lifetime.

I'll be seeing you again, Subic!**


* Before when we were little, when we'd go to the beach, my mom wouldn't let my sisters and I go that far. My dad didn't know how to swim, so she had to save 3 girls if ever something happened to us. And now, my SO doesn't know how to swim, too, so I really don't have the guts to go out into the deep by myself.

** Yes, I'll be back in Subic weekend of April 16-17. We'll be staying at, where else, Forest Hills. :)

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