I cannot believe how toxic work was this past week. I have been working on this special extract which will practically read all records of four tables! And it does not stop there, you have to be able to come up with a 1:1 relationship with two fields, and analyze 3 properties to be able to come up with suggested values for other 3 properties.

Beyotch talaga.

It was supposed to be due last Wednesday. But a special algorithm was needed, a strategy wherein we will not hog all resources of our mainframe while the extractor program was being ran.

And so it came down to this. It's already Friday, and our boss just scheduled a 12-job batch run tomorrow, starting 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. This 12-job batch run is supposed to produce 48 datasets, and we're crossing our fingers there's going to be enough space to accomodate all of them.


The perfect background-er for a weekend outing.

Yes, I'm off to Subic tomorrow for a few hours on the beach, a sponsored lunch at a resort, and all-night drinking.


I would definitely enjoy Subic tomorrow.

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