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At last, our company's outing was again held during the summer season. (Two years ago, it was during the Christmas season, and last year it was in September.)

Of course, beer bottles were opened on the way to Montemar! I didn't drink yet, 'coz I knew I had to preserve my energy (I was feeling a bit run down that week).

Extreme SportZ Beach Games

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The last leg of games of our long-running sportsfest (we've been at it for 6 months na ata) were held during the outing. It was going to be White Team's last effort to be a consistent second place-er hahahah ^_^

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Sand Trap

There's kayak-ing, swimming and aquabiking for 4 team members.

Our team got to do it first, and we got the second best time.

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Bisyo Karera

The game for the smokers, drinkers and gluttons.

Our team sadly lost during the finals, meaning, we got second place, again!

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Basaan lang 'to... heheheh.

First team to destroy the paper *bases* wins.

Sadly, we were eliminated during the prelims. Tsk tsk. Di na kami consistent ah.

X on the Beach

After the games, it was on to the party!!!

But first, awarding for the Extreme SportZ. Predictably, we got second place over all, and I got two awards. Hahaha. "Hihintayin Kita sa Langit Award" for the slowest speed climb during the wall climbing event, and "Regular Bowler Sana Award" for garnering the most number of pins during the extreme bowling event (wherein you had to score as low as you can hehehe).

On to the wild part of the party hehehe.

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Tequila for the Newbies

A drinking race wherein two teams of newbies have to consume a bottle of El Hombre tequila in record time.

No salt and no chaser. And did I say already it was El Hombre tequila?

Tsk, tsk, good thing we didn't have to do this last year :P

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Battle for the Sexes

*Randomly* picked guys and girls had to do crazy stunts for 5K and a date(?) with the mystery girl and guy searcher.

This game was an eye-opener.

As Toto said, his moral foundations were *shattered*. Hahahahah! ^_^

Beach Party!

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As if we didn't party enough during dinner, we headed straight to the beach for dancing and more drinking.

As the band played for an hour and half, sweaty gyrating bodies grooved to the tunes of "Happy", "Footloose" and "Let Me Blow Ya Mind", to name a few. As more time was spent dancing, less effort was needed to pair up our favorite *couples* hehehe.


After all that, all I could do was to walk back to my room, wash up and change my clothes. Most of them went to the room next to ours for a round of drinking games. Good thing I slept early, as they finished up around 5 AM already.


Yes, I had a great time! Obvious ba? ^_^

It was the absolute best way to end Summer 2005 ;)


Pictures taken by Drei, Abi, BongR, Chale, Zsa Zsa, Reena, Tonton and Sherry. Thanks you guys for sharing your pics ^_^

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