What's Up With Bayo?

I received an email from a yahoogroups, concerning Bayo's copying of a young Japanese artist's work, without her express permission to use them.

Here's the Japanese artist's site. I've read in some blogs that one of the main reasons Bayo *stole* her work is that she cannot speak straight English daw. Hmmm...

Some other blog posts regarding this controversy:


You can also do a search in Google: bayo philippines emma.

Here's BAYO's site, however, it seems to be not working. A few of the blog posts regarding this issue have mentioned that the link to Bayo Kids has been removed. Hmmm....

Please, browse the sites above and see for yourself. And please go to Bayo and check out Bayo Kids, too. I might do so later to see for myself.

If indeed this is true, nakakahiya naman for Bayo. Tsk tsk.

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