After 21 Cups...

The Starbucks 2006 Planner

I finally got my Starbucks 2006 Planner! Yey me!

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Well, I really didn't buy ALL the required coffee. Thanks to my MMS officemates, to Andrei, to my White team-mates, and of course hugs and kisses to my hubby Dar. ^_^

I started with the promo on the week of November 7. And in less than two weeks I already got the planner! Imagine that! At this rate, I could get 3 more planners from Starbucks! Hahahaha :D

I had a harder time last year. I started out on the last week of December, with the promo ending on the 2nd week of January! Dar wasn't a coffee drinker then, so I had a hard time collecting the stickers. And there was a prescribed number peppermint mocha and toffee nut coffees that I had to drink -- eh I was really not fond of those drinks. [Although, I'm loving the peppermint mocha frappucino already :D]

Oooh. Happy happy joy joy. I wish I had purple pen right now so I could start jotting down birthdays and anniversaries :D

P.S. Pictures taken with our new Canon IXUS iZoom (also called the PowerShot SD30 Digital Elph)! To Citibank PayLite, thanks for nothing! Wehehehe. [Guess what color of the camera we bought?!?]

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