The First Spa Massage

Image from http://www.soulworkbodywork.comOne of our groomsmen, Dar's high school buddy Marvin, gave us two 90-minute Swedish massage GCs at the Red Bamboo Spa at Marikina Riverbanks. Since the GCs were set to expire on November 15, we decided to avail of our massages last night.

It was my first time ever to get a massage outside the house (Dar's ninang is a reflexologist who regularly visits and gives us massages) and in a spa, so I really didn't know what to expect. The girl assistant asked me if I wanted to shower, I said no, because I didn't have extra clothes with me (unlike Dar who took a shower and used his clothes again after -- eww hehe). She gave me a skimpy robe (upper mid-thigh length!) and asked me to just leave my undies on. Ahm. Okay.

I entered the massage room and sat down on the bed and waited for my masahista. Damn, it was kind of cold -- maybe because I only had a thin skimpy robe on. Since there were other girls being massaged, I just lied down because I didn't want them to feel that I was staring at them. But then my masahista entered, so I nervously sat up again.

She then instructed me to take off my robe and lie face down on the bed. Oops, got exposed there for a while, but who cares, I bet that masahista has seen grosser things in her life hehehe. After a while, I felt warm, wet hands touching my back. Oooh yes, now that feels good. The nervousness and tension slowly slipped away.

She then proceeded to knead my legs, back and butt, shoulders, arms and neck. I don't know why but it felt so good to have my neck massaged! I felt goosebumps all over! Well, for the past week or so, I've had aching shoulders and neck, and it feels good to finally have them relaxed. [And I really do love it when Dar plants kisses on my neck -- ultimate bees-on-my-knees moment!]

I think she used different parts of her body aside from her fingers and hands. I totally felt her arms kneading hard on my back. I also felt her lower body (her thighs, I think), again, at my back. And there were a lot of times she straddled my back to have a good go at my shoulders.

Yes, don't be surprised that I'm surprised, because this is the first time I got a spa massage.

She then asked me to lie down. Err, feeling the cold air too much as I was shivering a bit already. Again, my legs and thighs were massaged, then my arms and hands (feels good to hear those bones snap hehehe). She asked me if I wanted to have my stomach massaged, and I thought why not, so I said "Sige". Good thing I wasn't feeling very ticklish hehe. But I felt a bit embarrassed because of my flabby stomach -- but I'm sure she's seen flabbier stomachs than mine! Then she asked, "Ma'am, sa dibdib po, gusto nyo?" I answered, "Ah, hindi, sige, okay nako". Hahaha, no not yet, this was my first time after all -- nobody gets to second base hahahaha!

After that, she stretched my muscles and gave my legs and arms a good pull. I was getting really sleepy so I guess the relaxing bit of the Swedish massage was coming into effect already.

But then, my 90 minutes were up. The masahista gave me a few minutes to lie down. Afraid that I might fall asleep on the bed, I stood up after some time and changed into my clothes. I was kind of groggy and I felt like my eyes came from a deep sleep. It didn't feel like 90 minutes at all. But it was, because we went in before 6:30pm, and lo and behold, it was already 8pm.

It was a relaxing way to spend 90 minutes, being pampered and feeling somebody cater to all your physical needs. And better too because it was for free (thanks Marvin -- but I doubt you'd be able to read this haha).

So head on over to Red Bamboo Spa at the Marikina Riverbanks! The 90-minute Swedish massage costs 560 a pop :) Oh and of course, don't forget to tip your masahista :)


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