I want to curl my hair!!!

I've had this thick mass of confused hair since I had it curled in the 4th grade. My curls grew out and it never returned to its stick-straight perfection. [Pramis, my hair was just like Darice's when I was a kid!]

I've been wanting to get a perm eversince I got married, but I've always been too busy or lazy to go out and do it. But then, the urge became stronger, when I just bought the November editions of the Cosmopolitan and Preview magazines, and saw that they both had features on where to have a good perm. Yey me!

From Cosmopolitan Philippines, November 2005 issue:

If you want luscious waves minus the rolling, shaping, and extra prepping, check out the latest permanent setting procedures that claim to be gentler on tresses compared to traditional perming treatments. We like the L'Oreal Xtenso Digital Perm, P3,500, available at all David's salons.

From Preview Magazine, November 2005 issue:

Setting perm: P2750 - P4000. YOU Salon, Level 3 The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City

THEIR CLAIM A digital perm gives you perfect curls without damaging the hiar.

OUR VERDICT We love how soft and lovely these ringlets look and how easy they are to maintain.


Hmm... looks like the new perms are gentle on the hair, but not on the wallet! :P

Before I make a dent on my life savings, I decided to do some research. I hopped on over to FemaleNetwork's GirlTalk -- if there's kakikayan involved, I knew GirlTalk would have a thread on it.

And boy, did they ever:

Okay, got more confused. Salons from Kerastase, Toni&Guy, Azta Urban Salon to Bench Fix, Ricky Reyes and David's Salon, with prices ranging from 700 - 6000 (!!!) made my head spin. Well, I could narrow down my choices to Bench Fix, David's Salon and Azta Urban Salon -- salons near the house and office. Magkakatalo na lang sa price and size of their curlers.

Size of the curlers are very important because I don't want to end up with those really small curls -- that's what I had when I got my hair curled and it has been very traumatic for me. Here's the kind of curls I want for my hair:

Ashlee SimpsonDrew BarrymoreOlsen Twins

Yup loose curls -- I hope I'll be able to "keri" them.

Girls who are reading this, do you have any suggestions where to get a good perm? :)

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  1. hi..ngayon lang ako nakapag-decide na gustong mag-paperm ng buhok kasi nakakatamad ng magpa-relax..kaya lagn hindi ko alam kun san..i tried the ur links on girltalk but i think it doesnt work anymore..please i just need some salons na pwede at magandang magpa-digital perm..salamat ng marami!