1185 in 168

I didn't specify the prices of the other items because I'll be giving them away as gifts :P The other items are mine.

P1185 in 168 Mall in Divisoria goes a long, long, long way!

That amount of money was able to buy 3 necklaces (perfect for my hippie look for our Christmas party!), 17 pairs of earrings (10 pairs of earrings for only 35 freaking pesos?!?! I'm giving 5 each for my little cuzzins), 2 bracelets (one each for my best college friends), 6 coin purses (might give one each to my best college friends, might keep two for myself also), 2 pairs of flip-flops (my sister made me buy her 6 pairs for a total of 300 bucks as my Christmas present to her), and a pair of beaded gold/copper sandals for myself.

I did good, if I do say so myself. Hehe.

Other items I bought not included in the picture: 2 shiny metallic-colored scarves for 50 bucks each, a pack-of-3 Dora undies for 100 pesos [obviously, I bought this for Darice], a purple jacket for 250 pesos, and a copper/bronzy bag for 350 pesos.

Yes, the 13th month pay is slowly dwindling away.

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