Smashin' Rockin'

Christmas party season again.

For our company party, we're "encouraged" [because of the FuSZion Sportsfest -- more about that in future posts] to dress as smashin' rockin' rock stars.


Remember last year I had a hard time choosing my costume?

I'm still having a hard time this year :P

I would loooooove to go as Alanis Morissette [during her Jagged Little Pill days], but I would just look like an overweight Alanis. I don't want people pointing at me and saying "Tignan mo yung matabang Alanis, o"

I can go as Avril Lavigne but I think I might need to wear a tank top or sando, which will make my arms would look like dangerous weapons. No way.

I think I can pull off a Janis Joplin, but not too many people know her. I would looove to wear 70's hippie rock fashion!

Maybe I should go as a guy. I've been eyeing Slash's look and I'm thinking maybe I could do that. Might get a hat, and the yosi is a chicken :P Might have the perm this weekend to really complete the look. Oh, and lots of fake tattoos din siguro noh? Haaay, keri kaya 'to?

Help me out peeps!!! I need a smashin' rockin' costume by this weekend. The party's on December 13. Are my ideas okay already, or do you have any other smashin' rockin' ideas? :)

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