Mga Plak-plak

With our exchanged gifts :)Been a long time since I heard the term plak-plak -- I will only hear this when I'm with my high school friends. [Ayan ha, if ever one of my high school friends reads this, friends tayo di lang tayo classmates hihiihihi]

Again, the last time I saw this group of people was during my wedding. :) I had dinner with them the same day I had lunch at Gayuma. Hehe, karirin ang mga friendly reunions in one day.

There were lots of food (two Yellow Cab pizza, a kilo of pasta, potato salad, ham and cheese roll, barbeque from Dannylicious, lechong manok and Goldilocks' "classic" choco roll), drinks (Ang-sarap! wine, Mudslide, 1.5 litre of San Mig Pale, bottles of San Mig Lite, Tequila Rose and Toska Vodka -- Naomi claims walang lasa daw kasi pure, sabi ko baka pure kerosene na yan ha), gossiping (lalo na yung mga absentees, talagang pinagtsismisan!), storytelling (a wedding and a break-up) and lots of singing (salamat sa MagicMic)!

Too bad I was still the Cinderella of the group and had to be home by 12 midnight. But before I left, I gave them a matinding rendition of Huwag Mo Nang Itanong by the Eraserheads and got a score of 97! Wooohoo! The highest score ever before I left the place. [Sana walang nakabeat ng high score ko!]


Seeing them reminds me how much I've changed (I was the dorkiest in the group, but I was the first to get knocked-up :P), how much we've accomplished after all these years, how much we've all grown up, but I could still see that nothing's changed with our friendship, and it's comforting in a way, to know that something from your childhood is still a living and breathing entity, and will never be lost.

For more than 10 years (we became a group during our second year in high school - that's around 1994-1995, shoot, bistado ang edad ko nito hehe), kahit meron ng college friends, college barkada, orgmates, labmates, officemates at kung sinu-sino pang group of people, never nawala ang high school friends sa aming vocabulary. I could not ask for a better high school barkada! Here's to 2006, for all of us!

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