Lunch @ Gayuma

Lunch @ GayumaAfter 10,000 long years, Kat, Trace and I finally got together again. The last time we were together was during my wedding! Haaay... it really has been too long :)

The highlight of this lunch was an announcement from Trace: She's getting married! ^_^

I'm so happy for her! And a little envious, because her boyfriend proposed to her in front of thousands (ahm sige hundreds lang) of people during her boyfriend's office Christmas party! Kakilig!

So most of lunch was spent brainstorming, giving tips and ideas, and just plain getting excited about the wedding! Of course, Kat will coordinate the wedding, as she did mine also, and she regrets not having a notebook with her: "Di ko alam meeting na pala ito eh". Haha, I remember those lunches and dinners Kat and I had, wherein we set an hour to talk as friends ["O sige, friends muna, game ano na yung kuwento mo?"], then after that, talk wedding business na ["Asan na yung pinapagawa kong CD/guestlist/souvenirs/table assignments?"]. Hehe.

Cheers to us girls! We'll definitely be seeing each other more this coming 2006!


  1. Hmmm... 'kaw pinakamaganda sa tatlo, heheheh.

    Lumpipas na naman ang isang taon,
    ang upos ay naglaho na,
    tayo'y susunod na rin sa laon,
    ngunit missyosi sana,
    huwag muna,
    may usok pang natitira.

  2. @basangpanaginip - *blush* salamat, photogenic lang talaga ako :P salamat sa tula! :D