Got this from Ton.

Four jobs you’ve had in your life:

student assistant during my college days, and I'm an IT consultant right now. Oh, and I'm a wife and mother :)

Four movies you could watch over and over:

Charlie's Angels series (because of Darice - she loves watching these movies over and over and over and over again), Can't Hardly Wait, Mallrats and Real Genius.

Four places you’ve lived:

We lived in Laguna until I was four years old, then we moved to Quezon City. I moved out in 2001 and lived in Antipolo with Dar and Darice.

Four TV shows you love to watch:

The CSI franchise (Las Vegas, Miami and NY) every Sunday on AXN. There's also Numb3rs on Mondays, and House on Tuesdays. And of course Friends, whenever I catch it on ETC or StarWorld.

Four places you’ve been on vacation:

My Dad and I went to California when I was 10 years old for a month-long vacation. Then, our family went to Hongkong in 1993 and then Thailand in 1994. Dar and I honeymoon-ed in Bohol last September.

Four websites you visit daily:

Pinkisthenewblog, Perezhilton, A Socialite's Life, E! Online -- yup, gossip, gossip and more gossip! :P

Four of your favorite foods:

My god, this is hard to answer! Hmmm... Lengua, dinuguan (everybody knows this na! From my parents who always bring home my uncle's dinuguan when they go to the province, to my officemate who gave me a gallon of dinuguan already from their family's resto hehe), crispy pata from anywhere, and ahm, hmmm, what else, ah bulalo! With lots of bone marrow, yum!

Four places you’d rather be:

a home of our own. :)


  1. (ubo, ubo)

    DVD ba yang Real Genius? Pahiram! di ko pa napapanood.

  2. wala akong dvd nyan eh :( sa hbo lang nung kabataan ko napanood at di pinagsawaan.